Is there a way to get free horoscopes sent to your cell phone?

My friend gets free ones sent to her phone..but her sister set it up so she doesn’t know the website to go to? Ahhh, help?

Answer by Lance
Call your cellphone company or visit their website.


How come the Horoscopes section is the most entertaining?

Anytime I barely peek at another section I just wanna poke my eyes out.

Answer by Sad Ang3l
Lol, it must be because of all the drama that goes on. Its terrible sometimes lol.

Scorpio Sun
Pisces Moon
Aquarius Rising

Answer by peter
A lot of crazy people like Astrology.

Answer by Miss Lily
Because Miss Lily is here! DUHHH!!!!

…If I were to be in any other sections, those sections would be as equally as entertaining.


How do they make up the stories in horoscopes?

what process do they go through to find out what to write?

Answer by Nightfire
I’m guessing they use lots of drugs or alcohol.

Answer by SpeedRacer
I’ve been wondering the same thing…I will find out one day…Eventuallly

Answer by ♌ Drops of Jupiter
U mean like daily horoscopes in newspapers and such? They are not accurate so don’t believe them.