Is there a chemical/physical/scientific explanation for how horoscopes work?

Is there a chemical/physical explanation for how the stars affect a person’s personality? E.g. someone once told me that she thought horoscopes could be scientifically explained like this: if you are born at a certain time of the year, the position of stars/planets etc. affects the Earth’s atmosphere etc. and therefore the altered pressure, air composition, gravitational pull etc. all meant that your body (and therefore your mind and your personality) were chemically and physically altered – thus providing a ‘scientific’ explanation of astrology. What do you think?

Answer by Michael
There is an explanation, but it isn’t the gravitational effects of distant planets and stars on the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s called confirmation bias. According to Wikipedia confirmation bias is, “a tendency to search for or interpret new information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions and to avoid information and interpretations which contradict prior beliefs.” Essentially, since you and your friend believe horoscopes work, you go and look for information that justifies that belief. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence verifying the validity of horoscopes. Science deals with reality, not our wishes, dreams, or beliefs concerning reality.


Why do people believe in Horoscopes when nearly anyone can write them and there so vague?

You can open up 5 different newspapers any day and they will all have horoscopes written by different people.

Answer by 9987
I don’t believe in horoscopes because of that reason. But I find the personality traits of astrology accurate, and fairly detailed. Especially if you are getting into the Rising Sign, and Moon Sign.

Answer by Max
I think people do it just for fun. It’s fun for them to follow something supposedly suggested by the stars.

Answer by Vulcan
It is truly amazing that this stupid fraud hangs on. You’ll notice from time to time they add words that sound “scientific” to make it seem less of a fraud.

Some people make money off of it. But the rest of the horoscope crowd are simply easily fooled idiots.


Are Yahoo!’s horoscopes written by real astrologists reading star charts, or are the horoscopes fake?

I’m just curious about how accurate horoscopes are. If horoscopes are accurate, shouldn’t all horoscopes say basically the same thing for the same sign? And is it really possible that people born around the same time of the year go through similar things? People sometimes really believe that horoscopes are applicable to them, but is it just because the horoscopes are written vaguely enough that almost anyone can apply something in their life to what is written?

My second part of the question is, how can the arrangement of stars affect what goes on in our lives?

Answer by tentofield
There is no evidence anywhere that astrology works. None whatsoever. It matters not whether you read star charts or make it up on the spot, it doesn’t work.

Answer by lindajune
Astronomy is based on scientific observation and data, tested and questioned and refined by the scientific method.

Astrology has no scientific basis, is not tested, does not use observation or facts. So they can’t be accurate – in fact, astrologers don’t even have the true facts of the planets and the sun’s movement in our sky correct. So if the basics of a pseudo-science are incorrect, how could the rest of it be accurate?

To your second part of the question- the arrangement of stars in our sky is purely subjective, based on patterns humans see in the random arrangements of stars that have no physical relationship to each other in space. So they can’t affect our lives in any way.

Answer by calnickel
Astrology is not real.

Even the ‘dates’ for your ‘sign’ are about a month out of whack because of precession.