is the information given by horoscopes legitimate?

I’ve been reading certain horoscope apps and some of them are like dead on on what is going on in my life. no joke, like actually the exact specific problem/situation that is troubling me the horoscope is explaining and giving advice on. are they really legitimate and should I take its advice?

Answer by Andy L.
Take a half hour:
The planetary bodies and stars are too far away to have any meaning. There is something that people that believe in astrology may start acting like the personality trait listed. There is a lot of commonality about people and lives and if you took the sign titles off each and read each one, you usually fine more than half describe what goes on in your life.
I always get thumbs downs in Horoscopes, but what the heck. There is a good reason why Yahoo has it in entertainment.

Answer by Rob
I’m not saying yes or no, but there are many physicians in the eighteenth century who believed that the the planets and the stars really do influence life and health, one of the believers of which is the Franz Anton Mesmer (from which the word “mesmerized” come from). He succesfully cured people based on the assertion that the energy working to keep the planets and stars in space, is the same energy that keep human beings alive.

Going back to horoscopes, I can say that they really do have some impact on humans in all aspects of life, be it health, politics, relationships, love, etc.


What is the difference between you in horoscopes vs you out and about ?

Your sun ya moon

Answer by No
the same ONLY 10000x crazier outside horoscopes!!!!!

Answer by Everything.
Oooh good question.
The way I act on here is how I act with my friends/people I’m comfortable around.
With strangers I’m kinda shy.

Toysrus sun
Praaancer moon

Answer by Life Is A Gamble
the only difference is Im there, not here. Im probably funnier in person, just because it makes it easier to associate jokes when someones in the same environment as you to understand and associate to them. Like making fun of a fat chick at the bar that looks like one of those halloween marshmallow peanuts.
Plus you actually get to see how wild i get instead of just seeing stories im telling bout it lol


Ladies of Horoscopes: Which sign males do you find the easist to wrap around your finger?

Which are the most difficult?

Please explain, and what’s your Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and House 7?

Answer by LuvIzLuvIzLuv
Easiest are all the water signs.
Most difficult are Capricorn men. They’re so gorgeous and fun though, its kinda worth getting played.

Libra sun/rising
Scorpio moon/Venus
Capricorn mars
Cusp of Aries in 7th

Answer by Amoree
As you know Grrrr, signs mean very little, you have to observe the chart of your prey to size them up.

Answer by Passion Burst
Every man from every sign.

I’m a hot Scorpio girl.