Is the compatability of horoscopes always true?

I’m a believer in horoscopes but i don’t want the compatability to come true. i’m a taurus and he is a Gemini everywhere says it won’t work, is this true?

Answer by neveah
to me some of it is true and some of it itsnt,because i read some of it about me cause im a scorpio and some of it is true about me and some of it isnt im not sayin its all fake and im not saying its all true just dont get caught up in all of it

Answer by eros
No, you have to look at the birth charts of both people. Then you must compare synastry charts to find out how the couples interact within a relationship.

Virgo Sun
Scorpio Moon
Leo Rising
Virgo Venus


How accurate are the horoscopes in predicting our future ? and are they compatible with God belief systems?

For example would the Horoscopes be compatible with Christian beliefs ?

Answer by Vincent
horoscopes are just made up myths that people want you to believe.nothing true about them

Answer by timo
Not that accurate, more uncanny similarities and good fun. Are you putting another god before your god by being into star signs? Many religious people think not, but then others diagree.

Answer by aspicco
I see no reason why astrology would be incompatible with Christianity.

The only argument is the Bible warns against people who predicts the future, but Western Tropical astrology no more predicts the future than a weatherman does.

A good astrology reading can tell you what types of issues you might be dealing with at certain times in the future, but I have never made hard core predictions like “You will get married in October 2011.” I might tell someone that there will be changes in a love relationship in October, but that is what I see.

I would never say “You will have an accident in mid July.” but I might say “You will be full of energy in July, and feeling rambunctious. Enjoy it, but be a little extra careful and double-check yourself, because with all that energy you could have an accident by rushing around.”

See the difference?

Free will is always in charge.


Is it bad luck to look up your horoscopes?

I was in class, and this girl next to me was looking up her Horoscopes. My teacher had told her its bad luck to look up your horoscope because its like your looking through the future.

Answer by Deepak
I trully dont even belive in horoscopes. My sign says Im adventourous thats true. It also says Sagitarus should live on Farms, or mountains or some crap like that. Thats not true. Im a sagitarus and I live in a big city and love big cities like SF and NY. I love to travel to big cities, and my sign says totally different. This is my personal opinon. Alot of people live by a horoscope which i think is ridiculous.

Answer by mom
it is not bad luck its human nature curious about future but it is fact that with only sun sign u can not predict about any person u have to see all chart planet sign and aspects