Is the a special connection between these 5 astrological signs?

Me and my 4 best friends are so intertwine…I was wondering if our signs had anything to do with it. Im a virgo and a girl, boy Capricorn, boy Pisces, boy Scorpio and girl Taurus are all our signs.

Answer by Will Loftis
Well, Water and Earth signs (aka all of those signs plus the sign Cancer) usually get along very well.

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Which astrological signs are a good match for a Sagittarius male?

I was wondering which signs are a good match for personality and sexuality for me (Sagittarius). I want to get married and have kids and I have a profound respect for astrology so I’m looking for any guidance

Answer by Beyond
Aries and Leo (because they’re both Fire signs like Sagittarius’) and Gemini (exact opposite of Sagittarius). They get along well with most of the air signs too. I would advise you to stay away from virgo or any earth signs, they aren’t as passionate as fire signs and this will frustrate you.

Answer by John ♥s his Babygirl
Sags I know are married to:
1 is leo
2 are taurus (1 divorce)
1 was cancer (divorce)
1 capricorn (he looks and acts miserable)
1 Gemini (he cheats on the gemini girl)

Only one of the sags were female the one who divorced with a taurus guy.
That’s really all the hands on experience I know. I know lots of sags guy but but I don’t know their spouses signs.

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Answer by Miriam
Sagittarius goes best with
Fire signs: Leo, Aries, and possibly another Sag
Air Signs: Aquarius, Libra, and possibly Gemini
and also Scorpio. Sagittarius’ tend to marry scorpios. lol

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Which astrological signs lie the most and who are the biggest cowards?

In my experience it’s Leo Leo Leo! These men are ridiculous. They pretend to be nice when it suits them but once they need to be faced with the truth. RUN BABY RUN!! Don’t think I will ever understand it. They can’t face reality. Instead of saying something along the lines of “I’m not interested”, they lead you on and then when it comes down to the nitty gritty, they ignore you and disappear.

Anyone else gone through something like this with other Leos or other signs?

Answer by John
Scorpio women are the worst.

Answer by Shakera
Scorpio – Are the biggest liars that I know & they will lie to you straight in your face without blinking. Smh

Answer by Robert84
Pisces men are the liars of the zodiac. They are good actors too and like to rope you in to love affairs and make you feel like you have sold your soul to them.