astrology horoscopes

Is evidence the kryptonite for astrology and horoscopes?

When will there be any shred of credible evidence to support the wishful thought that astrology works?

Stating over and over again that it works, while failing to provide any credible evidence, consistent and accurate statistics and the like, does not suggest that astrology works.

PS, posting about the moon and it’s affect on the tides of the ocean isn’t sufficient enough, I’m very sorry ScorpiusOne. It won’t make astrology any “realer”. Please provide actual evidence, refrain from posting regurgitated nothingness.

Answer by te144
Makes sense to me. (What you said. Very little, if any, that they say.)

Answer by Sparrowbird
“Regurgitated nothingness”? Oh my… bit of the pot calling the kettle black, eh? Please, practice your listening skills. Learn to ruminate.

Answer by lynne
why bother then? you really are quite useless and have no value to this section. find some other way to entertain your foolish self.

astrology horoscopes

Why is this section called Horoscopes and not Astrology?

This section is just begging to be ridiculed with a name like Horoscopes. IN ENTERTAINMENT… That instantly gives off the vibe that everything in this section is pulled out of our arses and full of people that are looking for cosmo-advice. Which isn’t true at ALL! Astrology sounds much better and also is the PROPER name for what is asked and answered in this section!

Answer by The Collapse of Civilization
I agree, there was a petition, which asked the people running Yahoo Answers to change the name to astrology, but they decided not to do it. It would be nice if they would change it, or at least add another section and name it “Astrology”, but I wouldn’t count on it happening anytime soon.

Answer by lets not and say we did…
I have wondered the same thing myself.I reckon it should be “astrology” and be in the spirituality and religion area.

Answer by Maj Hewitt’s Equestrian Acad
Oh no, astrologers would NEVER pull things out of their arses.



astrology horoscopes

Why do you believe in astrology/horoscopes?

Does it serve as a blueprint, a map of some sort to help you understand and connect with others?
Or is it fun for you? Does the positions of the stars in planets determine what you are like? How does astrology speak to you as a person.

Answer by Phil Yates
I use it as map because they are true but relationships can work without having compatible signs.

Answer by Gemyni Celeste
Astrology is an interest of mine. That is it. I don’t think every single word is true and I won’t invest my life in it.

It’s like reading Harry Potter: when it was my 11th birthday I knew no letter was coming for me from Hogwarts. A Hallmark card maybe but no letter lol. I read about astrology but I know that I can make my own choices.

I mean I ask questions about my life and situations to see what astrology says for the heck of it. I like to see coincidences. I could care less if astrology says I won’t make a good cosmetologist because I am gonna try to do it anyway and if I screw up oh well that’s life [which my chart implies that I WOULD make a good cosmetologist lol] I like to ask a lot of stuff and question it because astrology is so interesting to me.

Answer by Violet Eyes
If I am trapped in a room with 10 people,I may or may not believe in them personally…but they are temporarily a part of my world , I would want to know why them and why the event. So, for me to just exist on a Planet and in a Universe that will outlive me.. is not enough. I have affinity with all things past and present,I look all around me, seek the source and reason of my being… I am satisfied with the answers thus far,but will never stop being a seeker of wisdom.