I was born November 24th but identify with Scorpio traits and horoscopes more than sag, why?

My roomie is an Aquarius and insists I’m wrong on being on the cusp and said I should only read sag horoscopes. She is getting on my nerves, what can I say in defense of why I consider myself more of a Scorpio?

Answer by Mai
Astrology is not all about a sun sign.
You have a whole chart made of of all signs. There is the moon (emotions), mercury (communication) etc etc etc.
Just because you sun is sag doesn’t mean you act like a sag or feel like a sag or think like a sag. Everyone has his own unique, chart with his own aspects. Maybe pluto is the dominant planet in your chart, maybe you have Scorpio moon, or more likely Scorpio mercury and Venus or Mars..etc.

Your chart: http://astro.cafeastrology.com/cgi-bin/astro/natal

Natal Astrology has been by far the most accurate, to me and the people i know and lots in this section (don’t know about all….lol)

Answer by Kate
nothing. she is an aquarius and always right 🙂


How do they think of stuff to write as horoscopes?

Do they just decide to say a random thing or whatever the writer feels like or is there actually some truth or “astronomical” stuff behind it?

Answer by Allison Tiano
No idea…This is something I would like to learnn!


what is the best site to recieve Free accurate horoscopes sent to your email?

Free daily horoscopes to be exact .

Answer by Dae
Do you mean personal horoscopes, or weekly horoscopes?

If it’s weekly, www.cosmic-love-match.com offers a free weekly E-Zine that gets sent out to your email if you subscribe.

Plus you can view all of the past horoscopes here.


Hope this helps!

EDIT: The above link covers daily, but is sent out on a weekly basis in PDF format.