I want to have free horoscopes to be sent to my cell phone!What site can help me with that?

Ive tried looking every where for free horoscopes online & im unable to find any. thanks

Answer by Mason
Just read the news paper they usally have them

Answer by Vasudev P
Please write birth details for your answer


Where can I find the best daily horoscopes?

Give me the links of the tried and true horoscopes that you know pretty much give you a high percentage of accurate information.

Answer by ||K.C. Aries lover☺♦♠♥◘

Answer by bilbo_baggins1989
the newspaper, in the funny’s


Do I have to pay for yahoo horoscopes alerts?

I just started having the horoscopes and such being sent to my phone through alerts and I was just wondering if I would have to pay for the alerts?

Answer by jad62
I would certainly hope so, but then, your horoscope should have indicated that, no??!