astrology horoscopes

I believe in what signs say about peoples personality, is that a belief in horoscopes or astrology?

I believe the traits signs say people are are true. I don’t believe in the predictions of your month or anything like that though. Which do I believe in, is it astrology or horoscopes?

Answer by Bobbi
Its Astrology that you believe in. Horoscopes are general and pretty much just entertainment.

Answer by Intensified Moon
* Horoscope is a daily prediction or interpretation of where the planets up in the sky at any given day. Now, transits, made especially for you based on your chart is the accurate version of that.. What you read online or in the paper are not accurate, so you are correct not to take them seriously. Astrology, as you know, is accurate and belief is valid.

Answer by chainlightning⅜
I believe that astrology is a bigoted type of fortune telling. It is also an enemy of reason.

“What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof.” – Christopher Hitchens

astrology horoscopes

Why Do Religious People Believe In Astrology, Horoscopes, Psychics?

When that has nothing to do with religion. The rotation of the Earth has nothing to do with the attitude and philosophy of humans. It’s one thing to be devoutly religious and believe in your God, but can’t you see that there is no evidence that supports Psychics, Astrology and Horoscopes, that some random guy in the newspaper types up has nothing to do with your life.

If anything didn’t God give us free will? Yet there are all these things that distract us.

Answer by Deo Vacuus
It is easier to believe many lies after believing in a great big one adherently.

Answer by Anonymous 000
’cause why the hell not?

Answer by Peter B
Most religious people don’t (unless astrology, and psychic stuff is part of their religion).

On top of which, why do you think astrology is categorised on YA as part of “entertainment”?

astrology horoscopes

Why do all single women talk about astrology/horoscopes constantly?

They’re always talking about “is a cancer compatible with a Taurus” or whatever. No wonder you’re single, people aren’t determined by their birthrate or the arbitrary movement of stars!

Answer by Chaz
LMAO! So true. Starred.

Answer by Eric Gees
They need something to put their hope on. Once they are married , they ll be more busy whining.

Answer by Latina con SABOR!
lol, i think that’s dumb too.