I am a capricorn and horoscopes- What do the houses and planets mean?

My birthday is January 19 and I am very interested in horoscopes. I’m just confused at the beginning. What are the base of the houses? What planets fall into play? Are they the same every year? If you could break this down preferably my exact info you would be making wonders. Thanks so much!

Answer by Imprezzed
You need to share your birth hour and place of birth to find those out.Or you can enter it into one of these and get your chart with houses and planets: http://www.astroknowlogy.com/questions/how-do-i-get-my-own-personal-horoscope-chart


Can you tell me a site that tells me the main attributes of the different horoscopes?

A site that tells about horoscopes,and optionally,the relationship between the horoscopes.

Answer by syoung82


Do Horoscopes have any psychological and social philosophical relevance?

I respect philosophy and regard it as a workable thought experiment . But I’m wondering what those kin of philosophy think of “horoscopes”? That sort of distinguished psychological and social term thing.
I know under the skirting all is the same. That’s why I’m asking if it is psychologically relevant within social conditioning , social interaction between the two within their licenses.
Thanks for sharing.

Answer by Jesere
Astrology and Astronomy were at one time
the same science…
if Horoscopes had no relevance then we would
not be able to find much information on them

Answer by Julia
in a confusing world people clutch at straws in a bid to make sense of life… religion is one such straw, astrology and belief in angels / tarot / aliens / ghosts / fairies etc are others.

Answer by Hetaku
it’s just a belief held by people… it only becomes psychologically or socially relevant if the people let it…