How to work out proper horoscopes?

I was just looking at some of the questions about Leo personalities and I saw things about moons and ascendants and things like that. Can anybody help me figure mine out? I was born July 27, if that helps.

Answer by Šųή☼
Very simple go to www.ganeshaspeaks.com click on birth horoscope in the list (right hand side) give u r details they will send u r birth chart to u r email,download that pdf attachment, check that chart there will be 2 kind of 12 house boxes one is lagna kundle another one is navamsa kundli, in lagna kundli check in which box it is written as lagna(ascedant) that is u r rising sign,check which bot it is written moon that will be u r moon sign or rasi. if u dont know the 12 box names refer to wikipedia – search 12 houses astrology there u will come to know many more.find everything u r self,and learn,hope i answered the question.


Is it normal to be sexually attracted to the users from Horoscopes section?

Answer by Langely
Is it me? Lol, just kidding. No, anything that strikes your fancy should be well, sexually appealing?

Answer by ♫ music ♫

Answer by k!m
whatever floats in your boat


Hi i am a cancer, having a possible aries baby, will we be compatible as far as our horoscopes go?

I was just curious what your opinions are. I saw possible aries, because i am due april 7th and sometimes baby come early or later. Also my hubby is a gemini if that helps. Thank you in advance.

Answer by Fancie
Oh WoW Congratulations .

Answer by Gorgeous – Where’s My F Clap
no you wont . i hate my cancer “dad”. he ‘ ll get a long well with his dad. my bday is on the 8th april . im having a scorpio baby boy.

Answer by Olivia
I am a Cancer and my step mom is an Aries!!! We can laugh at a lot of the same things, but when she gets mad she says really mean things that really hurt… Sometimes she is TOO honest. And Sometimes overall we don’t understand each other. But we are able to respect are differences. My step brother is a Gemini and they really understand each other well!!!!