How to stop receiving emails about wc horoscopes ?

I dont want to receive those email anymore.. what can i do?

Answer by de

you can mark one of those emails as a spam or you can unsubscribe to its website.

Good luck!


Answer by David Firepig
mark it as spam and it’ll go to your trash or spam inbox

What is horoscopes explaination to two twins acting toally different?

even if they are treated the same….

Answer by Missemotion75
Twins can have different sun and rising signs depending on the time of birth.It happens…

Answer by antiesta
Sun and rising (or any planet) differences can sometimes happen, indeed.

And it’s very probable that some planets will be in different houses.

Also, aspects with the rising will always be different.

All these will also affect astrological compatibility.

And there would be numerous psychological causes, but that’s not your question.

Answer by 22 shiny lamps
NO, most twins are usually born within the same hour if not much much less, and usually twins have the same risings. and Twins share the SAME sun sign, if they didn’t have the same sun sign, they wouldn’t be twins duh.

Only like 1/1000000 twins will be born on different days. I thought everybody knew that.

astrology don’t sound so promising when it comes to twins, there are tiwns who were born minutes apart, share the same birth chart and act totally different.


What are horoscopes considered in the Newspaper?

I am doing a project and I was unable to finish my notes so if anyone would be kind enough to tell me what they are I’ve narrowed it down to an AP (Assosiated Press), a Syndicated column, an Editorial. I’m not a 100% sure on what these are so if you would be kind enough to tell me the definition of these I would be very greatful.

Answer by sophicmuse
Well, first, here are the definitions:

Associated Press – a news service that writes articles that can then be reprinted by any of its subscribing newspapers. News and photos from AP are generally described as coming “off the wire.”

Syndicated Column – a column written by one person that is run in several different newspapers.

Editorial – An opinion piece written by newspaper staff that represents the officially agreed-upon stance taken by that paper. (The op-eds, short for “opposite editorials”, that generally appear on the next page are written by guest writers or columnists.)

Having those definitions, I think you can figure out that a horoscope is usually a syndicated column (several papers will run a horoscope written by one person). I hope this is helpful!