How much truth is there in horoscopes?


How much truth is there in horoscopes?

I don’t really know a lot about them. Can’t really understand how they could possibly work though? Is there any truth in them or are they just made up? Thanks!

Horoscopes are strictly scientific and true. The way how sky will appear at a particular moment if seen from a particular spot of earth. The full 360 degree map.

Answer by Don’t break trees
research it a bit.
and then type astrology introduction
I swear it’s easy!

Answer by The Undertaker
Horoscope work rarely. Astrology, on the other hand, gives more accurate results.


What signs are hanging out in Horoscopes on a Friday night?

And Why the heck are you here, anyway?

No judgements. Just bored as helll.

Answer by Khushbakht
just bored as hell. thats why.

Answer by Govt. Tracking-Cookie Slayer
I’m a nerdy loner.

I have a lot of Friday nights like these. They’re not half-bad though 😛

Answer by Dancing Lady 101
Pisces, too.

Insomniac and a bit love-sick, waiting for a cure or a treatment program for this love-sickness 🙂


Is there a Astrology device that is portable and can inform of horoscopes, and compatablities?

Is there a device like this? If so please provide information in which i may purchase this device. Thank you.

Answer by Guang Y
there’s an app for that

Answer by Jon
A laptop? There are also these things that were big in the 90s called books…

Answer by WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!!
ummm… well I use my cell phone and just get me online.. =/ thats just me though…


  1. Girl Is Lost says

    Heh…this spineless pisces can’t sleep…seeee, i shouldn’t have drank that energy drink last night…naw, no judgements on my part, not bored..I am jus lost and chillin… =)

  2. The Goat says

    I’m almost always up at this time. I’m a night owl. I like to listen to music and answer questions for some strange reason.

    Capricorn Sun / Aries Moon

  3. Sparrowbird says

    Another Pisces, here (haha we’re building a good reputation at this rate).

    All my friends have flown the coop. Time for Pisces to learn from being alone.

    God I didn’t even know what day it is. Time for Pisces to learn what it’s like to not be a part of society as well, it seems.


  4. Cookie Monster!!! says

    Football game, then dance. My taurus friend tried to get me to dance with a guy that ‘liked’ me. She dragged me and I pulled away and fell on the concrete floor. All I got out of it was a big bruise on my left cheek. Set on the wall with my Cancer friend, who was crying over her Scorpio who cheated on her 2 times in one day. I wanted kill him.
    Went to sleep, dreamt about the Scorpio guy I like.

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