How many types of horoscopes are there?

I know the Chinese horoscope, but don’t know how the normal one is called. A little help please?…

Oh and how many types of horoscopes are there?

Answer by Vince M
All signs indicate a high degree of gullibility.

Answer by Hebi
There isn’t a normal one, There is a Greek, Sumerian, Egyptian, a Chinese, an Indian and I don’t know any others. Surprisingly, all of them came out before they knew about each others existence. that’s why it astonishes me as to how people think its bullshit.

Greeks and the Chinese were building a amazing economy while the rest of the world was living in huts and caves.

Answer by 안디 ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
There is:
Western (normal zodiac)
Native American

Hedi@ But don’t underestimate the Mayans. They were extremely advanced too. They had the most specific calendar the world at that moment! 😀 They clearly didn’t lived in huts.


Which zodiac sign do you think has the greatest number having interests in horoscopes?

Which sign do you think. And in yahoo answers, too, which sign has the greatest number of people interested in zodiacs and horoscopes?

Answer by safa
aquarius ………… and pisces

Answer by Genzai
There are from different signs,but I think Scorpios and Geminis.

Answer by daynee was suspended
i don’t think it’s Aquarius… or pisces


Where would i go to get free horoscopes sent to my cell phone daily?

I see all my friends that have their horoscopes sent to their phones. I really want mine sent to my phone. Does anyone know a website that will do that for me?

Answer by strawberrycupcake
if you are with vodafone go to vodafone(in the menu),entertainment and then horoscope/love scope readings are available.
otherwise just click on the pop ups on your computer