how do you delete horoscopes on you phone?

I get horoscopes that i dont want and do not know how to delete them.

Answer by shmifty_14
It is a planned you signed up for when you texted the number, you have to cancel the plan (go to the company that sends you the horoscopes website and look for a cancel code).

Answer by anonymous
I assume you’re talking about text-messages. If so, I can’t tell you how to delete them because it depends on the phone. I would recommend you search for an instruction manual for your model of phone or look at your own copy of the instructions if you still have it. If you still can’t figure it out, you could call the phone company and ask for help. Most of them will be willing to do that. The first answer gives good advice about how to stop your subscription to the horoscopes. Good luck!


Any websites i can sign up for that will send me daily love horoscopes ?

I want them to be love horoscopes and not just any other horoscope.
Thank You in advance

Answer by ۩۞۩ §tarfirε ۩۞۩




Will religions be treated casually someday like Horoscopes, Greek mythology and other Legends?

As people get more educated throughout the world, I would think the need for a father figure in the sky will diminish.

Answer by Storm the Bastille!
I sure as hell hope so mate.

Answer by Jeremy
We can only hope.

Answer by Jerri
I hope to God. Oops, sorry. The US and the westernized countries, western Europe and so on, are. But then I look at India, Pakistan, and so on…and I despair.