How do people writing the horoscopes come up with all that stuff?

I don’t get how you can look at the sky and come up with all that. At all.

Answer by marry me!
they oviously make up all that crap because nothiing they say is ever accurate.

Answer by Hiм
Grab a blunt, get high as hell, and write whatever comes to mind…

Answer by ψ Diablo ψ
Are you talking about me?? O_o


How do you stop the horoscopes sending on my e1107 samsung phone?

The cost of it is so expensive and I need to stop it or it will waste all my credit!:(

Answer by Nikki ♥
delete the app


If horoscopes are not real, why do all Scorpios have those weird staring eyes?

If horoscope signs are not real, why do Scorpios have staring eyes?

Answer by girlybananagal
because maybe they feel like it

Answer by dbraunofva
Do you first know that they’re Scorpios and then decide that they have staring eyes, or do you see a guy with staring eyes and ask him his sign?

If it’s the first one, you are falling victim to a logical fallacy. You might google “logical fallacies” and educate yourself.

Answer by Cecilia Odette
I don’t know we just do. And we have highly developed intelligence levels.