how do i read horoscopes differently for my rising sign vs. my sun sign so that it will be more exact?

i know my rising, moon and sun signs, and i was wondering how i should be reading my horoscopes. i know it is important to read both horoscopes for rising and sun, but is there any particular way i should be doing this? i don’t understand how to come to the conclusion of which one is true or not.

Answer by Ria Nicks

The time and place of your birth is what is called your “Rising Sign” – To know which Sign was rising, you have to know what time you were born, and the place you were born (the town or city, state, and country).

Your Sun Sign is what you call your zodiac sign or star sign is actually the Sign the Sun was in at birth.

The Rising Sign is sometimes called the “Ascending Sign”. It indicates how you appear to others on “first impression.”. It is not who you “are” – it is how you “act”. It is your “image” and style and mannerisms. Unless your Rising Sign and Sun Sign are the same (true for only 1 of every 12 people) then what they see is not what you are inside. Traits of your Rising Sign show on the outside much more than traits of your Sun Sign.


Answer by The Undertaker
There’s an easy way to explain this. Yous Sun is your individuality, your basic foundation to your nature. The ascendant is how you will express this foundation. A simple explanation will suffice. Compare your Ascendant to a building and the inside of that building is all yellow. That is your Sun. Now, everything outside the building is blue for instance and represents your Ascendant. Once you open the door, the yellow tint will blend with the blue and it will produce a greenish tint. THAT is how you need to combine the energies. The yellow become greenish in tint and this is HOW people will see you. Hope I made it a little clearer. To give a concrete example, lets say you have a Sun Taurus which is very stubborn and fixed in their ideas and opinions. If there is a Gemini rising, the person will become more flexible, less stubborn and more open-minded. By the same token, if the person has Leo rising, he will be more stubborn and more fixated in everything but more extroverted.


Answer by kil
this is the chart i use.


Do you believe that horoscopes are true or it’s just for entertainment purposes?

I’m not sure whether to believe horoscopes are real or not. My sign is a gemini and when I read about it, some of the stuff sounded like me, what do you think? Is there proof that horoscopes are real?

Answer by Anti-Hero has cookies
you are talking about Astrology, hororscopes are the supposed to be daily occurences that you see in magazines.

yes, there are proofs that astrology is real based on the movements of planets and events on earth

Answer by Hogie
All of the above.

Answer by STARZ
i read mine daily, but they are mostly very generalized..sometimes accurate for ME..you should really know your rising sign and read both of those signs..

What is a website with 99% truthful horoscopes?

I just like to be prepared for the future, and wanted to know if there were any websites out there with completely truthful horoscopes..?

Answer by Jesse

Answer by ♠ ♣► Lmεϊз ◄♥ ♦
try this.. http://www.spelwerx.com/aries.html
You will have to scroll down.

Answer by That Guy
You won’t even find one that’s 1% accurate. Astrology is BS.