How do i get the horoscopes app to post on my facebook wall?

i have it downloaded….it says it can post things as me….yet ive had it installed for the past few days and no horoscopes on my wall yet…..any help much appreciated thanks

Answer by george
even if you posted people do not believe those liers about it and it will show that you are not up to today!!! Better forget it cuz at the end of the day is annoying people to see always disturbing and continious feeds from others

Answer by dicloniusreaper
Account settings -> Applications -> Find the App -> Revoke access -> Go to the App again -> Reauthorise


Horoscopes; How/Where can I learn how to do weekly horoscopes for people? Please read and answer.?

I’ve just joined my school’s newspaper club, called the Wanaki, and have recently found out that they have no horoscope section. Feeling I actually might be useful in that area or the paper, I questioned why they didn’t have it. Now with the knowledge of why they don’t have one, because they prefer original work not just internet/other sources readings. So.. Since I am interested in Astrology, I wanted to learn how or where I could learn on how to give information out on Horoscopes. Please help, internet websites, tips, anything, i’d just love to be answered on this.

Answer by Bottom Contributor
It’s easy. Just ask someone’s birthday and make up stuff.

Answer by Lisi Harrison`s little Massie
Use your brain.Say some things like ‘Today you will succeed in something extraordinary’.Stuff like that.I write for the school newspaper,too.That is what I see most of the time in ours.Or,you can steel some from Yahoo answers.LOL

Answer by Bill
An honest answer, you have a long way to go to be able to answer Horoscope questions or to be able to give some one their horoscope. Horoscopes involve many types of education. Education on Astronomy and Astrology.along with having a little bit of proven physic abilities or really no your math and history of the universe.

It would probably be easier for you to take about 100 horoscopes from 100 different places and read them all and start developing your physic abilities by inter-twinning what you have read to the way you feel. Good Luck and never give up.


why does everyone say that horoscopes and star signs are a load of rubbish?

i just asked a question asking if i needed to be good at all aspects of science to become an ASTROLOGER! and everyone said that astrologers are weirdos and just need to know how to make people happy and to make things up!? i think horoscopes and star signs and everything are true and i want to become an ASTROLOGER and a historian! x what do you think?

Answer by Allen, questioning his faith
Do what makes you happy; stop worrying about what other people think.

Answer by Julie
I’m no astrologist, and I like looking at horoscopes for fun. Not for anything serious. I’m Scorpio and some of the stuff fits, but a lot of it doesn’t. I read once that we marry for money. I would never do that. But if you wanna be an astrologer then go ahead and ignore what ppl say.

Answer by Mystic
I make a good living at being an astrologer and love my work. You nowadays can get a phd in astrology. People who comment negatively about the topic, do not know the subject, have never studied the subject, and probably have had the sun sign column as their only source of education, and think they know something. I am not here to defend astrology, don’t have to, I have studied the topic for over 40 years, and know that it works.