How do I get a job in writting horoscopes?

I want to write horoscopes just as a side job but i just want to know how to apply for it online. Like the ones on the yahoo homepage, but i just want to write them part-time but i don’t how to even begin to find a place to apply at! Will someone help me?

Answer by Bugz
prolly apply at the same place u apply to be a weatherman lol

Answer by a-mac
Well… spelling is important for any writing career… so I would start there.

Answer by JC – bibliophile
One thing you could do is create a blog where you post horoscopes every day or every week. Put Google AdSense on it, and link to other sites to build traffic. You should start seeing a bit of income after awhile, but more importantly, you will be establishing yourself as an expert, and your blog will serve as a portfolio of your writing style and expertise.


How is Horoscopes any less discriminatory than other categories?

How is deciding not to hire people born under the constellation Aries, any less discriminatory/different than deciding not to hire Asians, Anyone over the age of 20, Men/Women, Skinny/Fat people, Blind/Physically debilitated people?

Just based on this information how is Horoscopes and Astrology any different or less discriminatory than the categories I have listed?

Answer by Penelope

Answer by g e m i n i ✿ g y p s y
Well, as we all know, the issue of zodiac discrimination IS sweeping the nation!

Answer by A.I.
Legally, It is no different. As long as he is on U.S ground he better make sure he does not use it and in the event that he does, he better make sure he does not get caught. Age and Gender can be discriminated against in certain businesses and/or events such as hiring strippers, ladies night at clubs free of charge, Hooters waitresses, sports teams, selling alcohol, signing contracts, adult filming etc. Zodiac signs being used to promote, demote, accept, or reject position in any way, shape, or form should not even be considered.


What is the difference between ascendant and moon in horoscopes?

What is the difference between ascendant and moon in horoscopes?
What does the moon affect?
How can you accurately find your ascendant?
How much influence does the moon have in the sun sign?

I got curious because Every site i visit to find my ascendant says something different

Answer by Whatabeautifulnoisee
To get your rising/ascendant accurately you need your exact birth time.
It helped me a lot.

Dear One,
In western astrology all calculations depends on Natal chart But In Vedic astrology we used to Moon Chart.Where the Sun is the significator of Power,reflects the raise to all planets and moon is the conductor of power.It is a well-known assumption that Moon is strong by night.Every site where you visit and you found different,Reason is One they used western astrology.

Answer by Endora brushes like a dentist
the moon is your inner emotional nature. the ascendant is your outward personality. the mask you wear most of the time. it’s the placement through which your whole chart is filtered. a person with virgo rising will scarcely have anything in common with an aries rising, even if all their other planets were the same.

the moon does not influence the sun sign. unless they are in aspect. the sun sign is not “you”. your whole chart is you. the sun, moon, rising sign, etc all have their purpose and influence you to some extent in their own way.

the problem with finding your ascendant is that some of the websites do not correct for daylight savings time or lackthereof. that’s probalby why you’re getting a different reading on different sites. you might be just on the end or beginning of a rising sign. which could complicate matters. and are the most preferred sites.