How did you first get into astrology/horoscopes?

For me it was in my computer class two years ago. The home page was msn, I would always click on the horoscope section before anything else.
I found it very amusing and interesting 😉

Answer by Kelly
My dad. I started getting interested in what he was doing. Then it just took off. I think of Astrology as my hobby. It is really fun to try to understand everyone and their temperments.

Answer by Wicked Sixx™ Sticks to her Guns
My mother and my grandma are both into it. I got into astrology at the age of about seven…same time I got into rock n roll….

Answer by helena274
When I have seen that there is no Free Will and I can’t do that what I wanted, I have started with Astrology. It became my Hobby and nothing else.


astrology horoscopes

What’s the difference between astrology & horoscopes?

Also, if you know of any good, free sites that can give me them, let me know. Thanks.

Answer by tril_dansk
H….daily readings of your sun sign
A…The study of the position of the planets ..when you were born and the effects.

Answer by Amanda Lynn
Horoscopes focus on your sun sign, astrology is the study of the signs in respect to all the planets and sign alignment in regard to a person’s exact time of birth.

Answer by thepixiepup
Astrology is the discipline. You can use astrology to draw up a horoscope or use it to draw up a composite chart or anything else. The horoscope is the picture of the heavens at the time of your birth, it is one of many things you can do with astrology.

astrology horoscopes

What makes you believe in horoscopes/astrology and how strong are your beliefs?

I’d really like to know, I’m curious! Please be as detailed and honest as you’d like, I’m not here for a validation of my opinions (as people tend to be one here).

Answer by Anna
I don’t believe in them at all.

Answer by smoking frog
on a scale from 1-10?


Answer by Thumbs Up For Jesus
I don’t, but I have made one curious observation: Astrology is dominated by uneducated females. I guess they fail to see the “gravity”… of the situation… muahahaha