How did the newspapers get the horoscopes?

I have always wondered. Horoscopes are published in most newspapers daily. They give an insight into the perceived future of a person. Some people believe they may be accurate while most do not.

How do these horoscope come about? Who are responsible for these pieces of information that are published daily in the newspapers? How did they get these type of information to be passed over to the newspapers to be published?
Did they actually consult a medium?

Answer by AR003
i don’t believe in them . those who make them are just assholes who are trying to make money and lying to people. only god knows what is going to happen in the future

Answer by weiling
wow cool question…
hmm, no idea where it come from
most of the time, I just read it and move on, it doesn’t affect me much

Answer by Seenuji
the horoscope will come to newspaper media many way
first they see the date of birth published in news paper or media
then they cast and make necessary adjustment of time
they publish some article about it. when the date of birth is given in
news paper you to can cast the horoscope by many websites
you can give your reading to any paper you know and you can publish book related to such horoscopes
in tradition and culture the time should be given by the authentic persons only
the horoscope should be cast manually or you are in a position to check it manully
majority of the published horoscope is with vouge time and place of birth
in cinema magzines and other magzines they see birthdetails given by the celebrities or media
simply they took it as it is
many times birth time is changed for many reasons that won’t give any details
so please check before coming to conclusion is the information genuine
then cast the horoscope manually and match the life events is syncronizing or not
then only you can come to conclusion that it worsk
till that it is your luck you may get genuine one


For Astrology enthusiasts: what is the best site on the Internet for daily free horoscopes?

Where is the best place to go on the internet to find daily, free Horoscope readings from credible astrologers?

Answer by Mrs Avatard
astro.com is good.

For a great weekly or monthly horoscope try astrolutely.com


Why does horoscopes say air signs are smart?

I know plenty of aquarius, libras and geminis and they’re all retards.

Answer by Evil Sagittarius:)♥
lol. well in general they are smart. specially gemini. aquarius is said to be smart but most the ones i know are really dumb. and libra…never walked into a smart one

Answer by Ruuna Marionette
Your sun sign doesn’t determine your overall intelligence.
Air signs are, however, known to be intellectual and witty.
And by the way…retard is a naughty, naughty word.

Answer by kissy2490
Well I am part of a international honor society and the President is a Leo
Vice President is Aquarius
2nd Vice President is a Gemini
3d Vice President is a Virgo
4th Vice President is a Aquarius

You can decide from that….