How can someone guess the horoscopes of strangers by simply knowing their personality traits?

There is a girl at my school who can guess everyones horoscope. It is incredible. At first, I thought she was memorizing our birthdays on facebook, but we have taken her to restaurants and by the end of the meal, she guesses the horoscope of our waiter/waitress. How is this humanly possible? It makes no sense…. astrology isn’t real…..

Answer by dean
Astrology is as real as you believe it is. Just like the Bible. Just like every other religion or philisophical point of view.

Also, whether or not you really believe in astrology as a way of life or thought, there are studies that document effects of the moon on people’s mood, state of mind and personality, especially during full moons.

Those who dont believe in that stuff would likely say its a weird correlation, or a self fullfilling prophecy based on fiction novels. BUT< cant change that its there. While a part of me believes in it, most "psychics" are typically simply very intuitive and have been trained in reading very subtle characteristics and body language.

Answer by M. Poivron
We have an easy tendency when we don’t understand something to assume it’s magic.
There are so many ways she could do this i’m not even going to list them πŸ˜€


How many horoscopes can you fill in skyrim?

I’m playing with a kahjit and I’m trying to max out my sneaking level ups. My one handed weapons. Destruction and block

Answer by Arien β™ˆβ™Šβ™Š
What does your cat maxing out sneaking lvl and other skills have to do with your main question… i was interested of your question because you mentioned ‘Skyrim’ with Horoscope but reading your add details… Idk

Maybe it’s not ‘Horoscope’ that you mean, but ‘Skill Points’?
They r total of 81 skill points if i remember correctly, mine is a Nord btw πŸ™‚


What is the best source for daily horoscopes?

i’ve looked on a few sites but they’re different each time. Thank you for any answers!

Answer by Bumble Bee702
for me horoscope.com