How can I get the girls in horoscopes to fall in love with me?

likee they do with Undertaker. he gets attention i want it to.

Answer by Red Bull Girl
awe I LOVE U!!! <3

Answer by Amelie’s My Best Friend
Stop vying for it. Attention isn’t everything.

Answer by shining
Everyone knows I’m the special woman in his life.. Sorry guys!


Is it possible that closer to Vedic horoscopes are Runic ones?

Aum and some Runes are in harmony – I think this is true on base my observation for some events happening after practicing a combined visualisation of them Aum on 3 eye and a Rune in four projections around the body – they are powerful combination.
May be everyone has different vision and attraction to geometric symbols and this is also important. May be also they have smth common in history -I would like to learn about theories for Vedic symbols and Runes – is smth common between them?

Answer by Vic D
Your question and observation is arcane even for myself who has practioned of Vedic Astronomy and Culture devoutly for more than 12 years. Therefore you really should bring this question to community more explicitly devoted to Vedic research. You will also need to bring in experts on “nordic” (i assume) runes. I reccomend the people at the ACVA.

That is the best I can do to answer your question here – especially since you have not clearly described how you believe Runic Horoscopes (which I have no experience of) are specifically similer to Vedic Horoscopes.


Who in Horoscopes wished Goku back with the dragon balls?

I think it would be wise for this traitor to keep running!
Otherwise I’ll slice them to pieces!

Answer by Hey man your shakin it all wrong
I wished for big goku not little goku
My bad

Answer by Cullen
That green guy named pickle

Answer by Los Espadas
me to bad he came back little