DO u think that people predicting horoscopes are geniune enough to believe on?? ONLY SERIOUS COMMENTS PLEASE!!! Please state a true instance that made u take such a decision!!
yeah it is predicting futures through horoscopes? Thanks for letting me know!!

Answer by chris_midlands_20
I think horroscopes in most cases are so generalised that subconciously you try to convince yourself that something is going to happen or has happened but normally only loosly related. you will find most horroscopes are very vague, ie you will have some good news today, or there is a health issue, they never read, you will get a letter today offereing you a job in teaching which is double your current salary,

Answer by miss fortune
yes , there is a lot of truth in them , but I’m not talking about the generalized one you read in the newspaper every day… I did a horoscope comparison for a friend of mine for a potential relationship… they have now been together 5 years and are getting married… so it does work if it’s done right and if it is tailored for you not generalized…

Answer by Belial
Chew on this. There are BILLIONS of people spread across the planet, with Hundreds of different personalities and personality types. Do you honestly think you can lump billions of people across the planet into 12 neat, tidy little groups based on when they were born? horoscopes are written to be vague, so that they can fit as many people as possible, because when you read them, you’re looking for meaning, and you will be able to connect something in them with something going on in your life. That’s how they’re written. Don’t believe me? Read a completely different Horoscope for a month. Don’t read your sign, read another one. you’ll still make the connections.



can someone please tell me how can i find “life horoscopes”? it is like a horoscope for the whole life?


Answer by Tribble Macher
Not into divination or witchcraft.

Answer by jasmine a
news papers is where i look your welcome

Answer by littlechrismary
For a ridiculously high fee, you can find them anywhere on the internet.


How would you analyze horoscopes of all those who died in Haiti earthquake ?

It is feared that 100s of thousand people might have died in this second worst earthquake. How we can justify astrologically so many deaths ? Does it mean that all those who died had death indicated in their horoscopes ? Also we will have to analyze horoscopes of those who got saved. What is the view of experts ?

Answer by Cletus
It can’t be justified astrologically. Astrology is rubbish that has no better predictive power than random chance. Look it up.

Answer by lala
I guess if you had the patience to analyze all the horoscope of the dead and all those who are alive ; yes you will find out there were a common indicator for the dead and the living . But when a country is hit so hard ; its usually a karma that a nation had built [ Its one of my belief ]

Answer by ProTon 【ツ】
i agree with cletus πŸ™‚