Horoscopes: What sign would most likely stay in a relationship and try to make it perfect but they’re unhappy?

Like to the other person it feels like it’s perfect but to themselves, it feels like they’re trying too hard but they still wanna stay in the relationship?

Answer by allygator
I would say Virgos do this most often. Both me and my partner are Virgos, and sometimes we both feel that our relationship isn’t quite perfect, and that we’re working too hard to preserve it.

Answer by Cerchi
I think definitely Capricorn. When they commit to someone, they go all out and sometimes, further than they should, to make it work and make it last. When they marry, they marry for life. They do not believe in break-ups or divorce.

Answer by Akash
hey try this astrologer


Horoscopes have you ever changed your persona to date a specific Sun sign?

You know you read Aries (or whatever) likes this, that, & the other thing in a guy or girl so you play up those abilities outside of your ordinary character to get a date or keep them interested once you’ve got them?

How if so how did things go?

Answer by Aya ~ {Love and peas!} Lovin’ baby
Not my persona, no. I have feigned interest before, although that isn’t too hard for me since I’m interested in just about anything under the sun :p

I have to say, they often didn’t go far enough for me to be discovered as a “fraud” – and the good thing was, I often actually did get new interests that way :p But as for behaviour, that always remained the same 🙂


How can I stop getting Horoscopes on my cell phone?

I have tried to get this to stop but they wont stop and I am getting charged for this on my phone bill.

Answer by soccerchik876
call the company that is sending thwm to u and tell them to stop sending u horoscopes

Answer by RedRose
Text the word STOP to whoever is sending you the horoscopes. Cingular Customer Service 3 years.