Horoscopes: What does it mean if your a certain sighn then /some other sighn rising?

What would it mean, i saw someone that there sighn was, pieces with a virgo rising? What does that mean? I thought you were only one animal of the zodiac?

Answer by >>>.Q.R.<<<
Not only do you have a rising sign, you also have a number of other planetary signs. So, no, you are not only one zodiac sign. You have an entire natal chart, with a Moon sign, Mercury sign, Venus, Mars, Jupiter etc. In addition, each of those planets and signs will be placed into a system of 12 houses, and will make aspects to each other based on degrees. That’s why astrology is so complicated. Sun signs, which are what we refer to when we say “What’s your sign” have been marketed by the media since they’re simple and go by birth month, but they are not completely accurate alone, since people are not one-dimensional. Sadly, many people aren’t aware of how astrology works, and continue to base things off of Sun sign alone.

The rising sign or ascendant, is the sign that was rising at the time of your birth. That’s why to get your accurate rising sign, you must know your exact birth time and location. It marks the division of the houses and plays an important role in your chart. If the Sun is your inner personality, the rising sign is the mask you wear. It’s how you project yourself in the public world, and how others see you. It’s how you go about solving the problems of daily life, and also reflects your outer appearance.

I’m a Libra, that happens to also have a Libra rising.


Horoscopes: Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? Whats your sign and what sign do you hate to be around on?

Turkey day? I pretty much get along with everyone in my family on Turkey day for the most part. My moms a Libra, Brothers are Scorpio and Cancer. My Scorpio brother is always fussy and complains about things going on in his life. Typical Scorpio!!! So how about you guys!!

Answer by MS*RDHD
I have an aunt who is a Virgo who is UBER critical! My Gemini Sister is kind of moody but we laugh together too……I don’t really have many Scorpio relatives but I agree!
Chris: I like your profile pic.
Sarah: I think your right Sag.s usually get along with everybody!

Answer by It’s Chris!
I’m from Canada so we had ours last month.

Lol maybe Libra because they can’t make their mind up on what they wanna eat while everyone is waiting to get their food.

“Hmmmm, should I eat pumpkin pie or apple pie…?”
“Stuffing or no stuffing?”
“Dark meat or white meat?”

They are great people, but a lot of the libras I know have a hard time making up their mind.

Thanksgiving is pretty important to me because I barely get to spend any time with the family, so It’s cool.

Answer by Sarah*
I am ready for Thanksgiving. I don’t really hate to be around any sign.

Stereotypically, we Sags shine on Thanksgiving. ( Eating and drinking… LOL… j/k )

Sag sun 9H


Horoscopes: How would you describe yourself to someone?

Be creative πŸ™‚ This is something I learned in one of my Pscyhology classes in college.

If someone asked you to describe yourself, how would you do it?
The most creative answer will get the 10 points ;P

Please list your Ascendant, Moon, Mercury and Sun signs.

Answer by ψ Diablo ψ
D is for Dapocaginous or Dreamy.

I is for Impavid or Intolerant.

A is for “Act of God” or Ambitious.

B is for Bona Fide or Bastard.

L is for Lovely or “Ludicrous Speed”.

O is for Overconfident or Overconfident.

Aries Rising
Virgo Moon
Aries Mercury
Aries Sun


Answer by Yupxxxxx
Ascendant – Scorpio
Moon – Pisces
Mercury – Gemini
Sun – Gemini

Taurus-Gemini cusp (I’m on the Gemini side though lol)

– Immature at times but mature when I know I need to be.

– Really Chatty with people I know well but I’m very shy with people I don’t know well or not sure of.

– Dependant with people I’m close to and would never like to hurt

– Insecure about my looks.

– Laid back at home but a hard worker when I’m out and about.

– good listener.

– does not panic.

– traditional and very proud of my roots.

– easily homesick when away from home.

– likes to be centre of attention.

– loving. I will always put my family and friends before myself.

– very phobia prone. I have a phobia of death, being alone, losing loved ones, knifes (mostly butcher knifes or really sharp ones), big fires, scissors, ropes, loaded guns, etc (mostly things that can kill someone)

– I love the past and I keep every little memory possible I have a memory box for every year and I put in stuff from that year such as tickets for concerts, wrist bands from events, letters got from friends, a card from a CPR training, stickers from camps, cuttings from newspapers I was involved in, etc

– I love to go out but I have strict parents so I don’t get to really.

Answer by β™ˆ Grrrr β™ˆ
Fun Q!

I’ll try to explain my aspects and influences as best I can in sync with my personality.

I am a rebel hippy because I never have a plan and in fact whenever I can I will purposely go AGAINST the flow.. and announce it proudly to the world. (Uranus is my most aspected planet)

I do not follow the rules nor do I make my own, I simply DO things because they feel “right” to do. My instincts are highly developed and for the most part I operate out of reading between the lines and just understanding things without knowing HOW I understand them. (Pisces Moon conjunct Pisces Mercury in 3)

I absolutely REFUSE to be told what to do and I hate things being expected of me. Even if I was originally planning to do something, the second a person EXPECTS it out of me, I will do the opposite. (Aries Sun & SN House 2 Capricorn)

I will not be tied down and I hate it when people try to get close to me because I know that I will not reciprocate their heavy feelings. When people start speaking from the heart to me I get extremely weirded out and want to vacate the conversation. I prefer casual aquaintances to close relationships and I feel more comfortable in a large group of people rather than a one on one situation. (Venus in Aquarius, Moon Square Uranus)

I’m am always super excited and energetic and I’m pretty much the “entertainer” of my circle wherever I go. I love having an audience. (Aries Sun trine Sagittarius Ascendant, 10th House stellium, Libra Midheaven)

I can get along with just about every type of person there is on a casual level, and I do not trust anyone 100% I never have and I never will. I am an excellent judge of character and I hold people in different ranks, depending on the vibe I get from them. (Moon trine Pluto)

Aries SUn
Sagittarius Ascendant
Pisces Moon/Mercury