Horoscopes What are some things you find unattractive in a mate?

List your Venus Mars 5th & 7th house
idk tayders i’ll have to think about it 😛

Answer by Moo
being ugly
not putting out for sex

Answer by Sparrowbird
One of the most unattractive qualities is, to me, a lack of compassion. Someone who is constantly just selfish, rude, and harmful to others is absolutely gross to me. This applies to mates or otherwise. I also find insecurity to be unattractive in a mate – I prefer to be with people who are confident enough to be clear about their strengths and weaknesses to a fair extent.

Venus in Aries, 5th house
5th house in Aries, contains Venus and Jupiter
Mars in Capricorn, 1st house
7th house in Gemini, contains Chiron

* I just remembered something else – humourlessness is extraordinarily unattractive to me.

Answer by ♥Taurus Girl♥ツ
boring, mean, selfish, judgmental and perfect.

venus-gemini mars-aries 5th-gemini 7th-leo


How do you feel about horoscopes and people who believe them?

I honestly find it hilarious how people are getting dating advice based on these things.

Answer by Chris R
I find them to be too vague

Answer by yiota (Cavs Fan Forever)
I’ll read them, but I don’t really believe in them. It’s really vague. I view it as just a source of entertainment. Nothing I take seriously.

Answer by Lady Zee
I like reading horoscopes, but I don’t put too much thought into it.


Someone who is skilled with horoscopes and astrology?

I am a Sagittarius in Sun, Pisces in Moon, and Cancer in Rising (born Nov. 26, 1990 in Staten Island Hospital, NY in Richmond). I want emotional and physical characteristics and traits, tendencies, skills, downfalls, and things like that. Thanks!

Answer by Been There
What you are asking for would be an hour face-to-face (or over the phone) and cost $ 150-200.
Or 18-25 pages written out, which no one would do because it would take at least 12 hours.

Answer by To not or not to not
I love astrology

Answer by The Undertaker
Would love to help but its very time consuming. I have too much on my plate these days but i am sure others will volunteer. I don’t know about their fee or if they do it for free. I have Cancer rising. I hear you loud and clear. You may feel that at times, you are moody and you go through phases with a Cancer rising. You are a philosopher and probably lead an inner life of your own that may not find expression especially in business matters. Emotionally, you are impressionable and romantic and can be imposed upon by others. You don’t hold a grudge and can forgive easily. The down side is that you may under-estimate yourself or your abilities. Cancer rising makes you very sensitive and receptive. Feelings and emotions are active and often rule the head. The mind is practical but you live in the senses.