Horoscopes predictions for scorpio and aquarius?

I am a stereotypical scorpio, who pretty much likes to have fun through reading and enjoys self education. I just value my own privacy and things like that. But there is this person I really like, the sign of the person is aquarius. And just like me, that person too is a stereotypical aquarius, likes to meet new people and just likes being out there. Many of the books I’ve read of horoscopes say we are like water and oil, what do you guys think?

Answer by Bob and his acrobatic grapes
I think that the astrology you have picked up is called popular astrology and is false. The people who spread that through newspapers and magazines and popular books for the masses ought to be shot for calling themselves astrologers. You need to compare that persons full chart with yours or it is all meaningless. You may have many things in your full chart that mix well with his / her full chart.

Answer by Alice
I’m in a scorpio-Aquarius relationship, and I love it! Best relationship I’ve had by far. I have had to learn to be a little bit more patient with the feelings and what not, however. I wouldn’t judge or base your relationship on this alone. If you like him, go for it because when it’s good it’s GOOD!
Good luck!


What is the problem with some women on Yahoo Horoscopes?

If you don’t like my question, don’t answer. If you don’t like what I say, ignore me. If I act like a kid and you think I’m immature, just brush it off.

Why do SOME of you women have this attitude that you need to straighten me up just because I say something mean or stupid? Sometimes I could be serious or sometimes I could just be having some fun. If you’re the one who thinks you need to tell me how stupid or childish I am you ever think YOU might have the attitude problem? Idiots.

Answer by Summer
I’m a woman and dont give 2 shitts how you act or what you say because we arnt friends or family. Do what you want.

Answer by Lily
Wow!! I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why are you saying mean things (according to you) ??

Answer by 強☆Intrepid Light☆ 明
Oh well now this question isn’t all that fair. If the girls whom don’t like you on here think that you and this question is stupid to do? Are they supposed to answer or ignore and brush it off STOP BE CONFUSING!!! XO!

No,no,no, but in all seriousness I really don’t care >:~D Haha. Just ignore em right back if it bothers you.


How are the characteristics for horoscopes made up?

I’m just curious. I looked at my yahoo horoscope today,and it was different then another one that I saw somewhere else.

Answer by Rachael Yay!!!
because Astrologers can’t have the same answer. That would be plagiarizing. So they have to interpret the today stars differently.

Answer by Anonymous
It’s all in the stars, babe. Yes babe, in the stars.

Answer by Yellow Dragon Of The Centre, Huang Long
Different Interpretations From Different Astrologers From Different Schools of Thought, with Different Intentions for Different Signs.