Horoscopes How does Venus in the 1st house differ from Venus in the 10th?

Just this placement not the rest of the chart’s effects please.

Answer by Daisy
venus in the first, more about the personality, person is very frendly and popular etc

venus in the tenth gives good luck in career and ‘outside world’, people take to them and stuff like that, they may get noticed easily

Answer by ?
i know venus in the 10th house means you want a partner who you can share career aspirations with and a partner that makes you look good, someone popular.

venus in 1st…i’m guessing you’d like an active partner, someone sporty??


Does it go against the beliefs of Christianity to read up on horoscopes?

I believe that my future is determined by God, not by my date of birth. Lately, one of my good Christian friends has been completely rapped up on her zodiac sign. I don’t know if it’s good or bad for her.

Answer by Colonel Mustard
No but I say its a load of codswallop, shame on her for falling for it. What do they teach in sunday school these days ?

Answer by Alan
Forget the Christian part of the question.

Anybody who reads their horoscope is an idiot.

Consider two people. One person reads his horoscope for the day and it says that “life is great and you will make a million dollars today”. The other person, born on the same day in the same year, dies of cancer right after reading the same horoscope.

Get the picture?

Answer by Paulus Apostollos
Yes it does.

Very inadvisable.

What is an umbrella term for horoscopes, predicting the future, numerology and marriage compatibility?

We need a one word term for our philosophy presentation that encompasses all of these topics.
Not “voodoo science” or “future predictor tools” please!
Not bull crap either.. this is for a school project.

Answer by Legman
I think the term you are looking for is “bull crap”

Answer by gemineye
it’s called pseudoscience