Horoscopes are the most idiotic thing in the world, so why do people bother with them?

What kind of idiot believes in them? How the hell does the alignent of the stars/planets affect our lives?

You must be pretty stupid to believe in them mirite?

Answer by Nolfet
Most people probably don’t believe in them. They are a fun distraction, or a meditative device.

Answer by some-yank
No statistical connection between prediction and outcome. Given that this has been proved over and over again, it does beg the question of persistence.

Answer by Smells like New Screen Names
Like any other magic or religion, they’re largely based on not understanding the process of something. Rather than admit that some subjects are too complex for comprehension, it is easier to just put your trust in an reassuring and established system.

I’m convinced that a majority of people just profess a belief int hem to get laid.


Why are people in the horoscopes section so mean and grumpy?

Seriously every question had some people bashing a sign. Some questions even mocked other signs and degrade each other. I don’t come here much, but whenever I do, I see mean questions and especially mean answers all the time. Does believing in astrology really make you that mean?

Answer by lexus
yeahh it happens a lot :/ and then you have those people who come in here just talking about how astrology is BS and stuff can’t we all just be friends and make cookies and ride unicorns? lol serious though I feel the same way as you. I would like to see more fun questions and less “which zodiac sign is best?” and, “why are cancers such wussys?” and all that stuff hmmm gets old…… ha

Answer by neharika
its because they just trust blindly astrology blindly, but astrology is perfect if one goes so deeper into it but i don’t think it’s possible for ant human being to predict the future or ones behavior so accurately..

Answer by Y Bother?
well ur sign is like ur favorite football team.
ex) my school mascot is a tiger, and our rivals are the panthers.
ur going to hate ur rivals(or the sign that is just ur worst match up)
and ur going to be a bit if not a lot, negative towards them.
so its natural to bash the other team u hate.

but were not all grumpy.
im normal in a happy mood when im in horoscopes.
(unless someone bashes my sign then im pissed)


What is your opinion on horoscopes, star signs, psychics and the like?

Name 5 things you do not take for granted?. Is it acceptable for a woman to ask out the boy she likes?. What are the disadvantages of being in a relationship?

Answer by pelican
I think the idea of horoscopes and star signs and so on makes for interesting reading but that is as far as it goes. It is fine for the woman to ask the guy out. I don’t take love, health, life, family or happiness for granted. The disadvantage of being in a relationship could be that you don’t get enough time to yourself.