Have the dates changed for the horoscopes in your local newspaper?

Despite this ‘zodiac date shift’ being insultingly printed on the front page of one of the local newspapers here, the zodiac dates have NOT changed in the horoscope section of the very same newspaper. I am wondering if this is the same for everywhere else. If so, I can’t help but wonder why people don’t notice this discrepancy before they start going on about how the zodiac dates have changed.

I understand that there is no change, astrologically speaking. I’m just wondering if any newspapers are holding true to their word.

Answer by The dreamer.
im sick of this shit. what bastard would suddenly change the dates arrrgggh !!!!!! fucking dick heads

Answer by Remy
The difference exists because the dates for the tropical zodiac, the one that we’re familiar with, have NOT changed. The “new” sign isn’t new at all and is part of the sidereal zodiac, which isn’t used in the Western world.

Answer by Sarah*
I haven’t noticed, but then again, I don’t read the horoscopes in the daily newspaper. I find them a waste of my time. Anyway, the person who writes the horoscopes for the paper isn’t really an astrologer if he/she did that! Would a real astrologer even work for a newspaper company, writing bogus horoscopes?


What do you all think of the study that proves horoscopes are vague and can apply to anyone?

a large group of people were all handed cards with horoscope type things on them, then they read them, and the majority of them said they thought the horoscope described them very well. then everyone passed their card to the person behind them and found out they were all the same.

Answer by Ta-da!
Is there a link?

This isn’t a full experiment, there’s no control group. They should’ve hired a real astrologer to test out their skills on these people, then there would be a control and a variable.

It also sounds to me like a biased group of people was used. Why was everyone so easy to believe these cards? Why were there no skeptics? Sounds like the experimenters just wanted to disillusion a bunch of people, meaning they were themselves already biased AGAINST astrology and weren’t neutral.

But I could’ve told you newspaper forecasts are generally trash (not all, but most).

Answer by 251
Your referring to the barnum effect or whatever it is called, and it is always very vargue as are most horoscopes.

your horoscope, when done properly is not based on your sun (star) sign alone, but is designed specifically for you. however it is just an indication and nothing is every (or should be exact), and they are a more a ‘theme’ then hugely specific events.

eg in dec 2007 and then again in late 2008, pluto (change, destruction, power, sex, death etc etc) moved into capricorn (business, government, work, organisation, time, fear, obstacles) for the first time in a few hundred years.

although this is a world wide thing, you can see the accuracy in its prediction we had a world wide change of politics in alot of countries (obama, howard in oz etc) and of course the financial area got a roughing up.

also interesting to see swine flu come into affect (death + fear)

therefore some horoscopes can be accurate.

Answer by ChainLightning ⅜
You must mean the first link below. But there has been many well designed (with controls) tests. Some real time and money have been spent on these. (I can find more some links when I get home.) One in 1985 stands out.

An expert astrologer draws up your detailed chart based on your accurate natal data. You are given this horoscope, and two others of different people. Would you be able to tell which one is yours? Because if not, what does it mean to say that astrology works? Whenever this test is done, people are not able to do this with any greater probability than pure chance. (i.e. one in three would get it right.)

Possibly the most detailed test of astrology using this type of method, was performed by Shawn Carlson. His paper, “A Double-blind Test of Astrology”, was published in the peer reviewed scientific journal Nature, in 1985. The interesting thing is that the San Francisco chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research recommended the 28 professional astrologers who took part, and (with Carlson), designed the tests. They also predicted, in advance, what they would consider to be a successful test.

Two tests were performed:

Test #1: Astrological charts were prepared for 83 subjects, based on natal data (date, time and place of birth), provided by the subjects. Each subject was given three charts: one chart based on their own natal data, and two charts derived from natal data of other people. Each subject was asked to identify the chart that most correctly described them. In only 28 of the 83 cases, the subject chose their own chart. This is the exact success rate expected for random chance. The astrologers predicted that the subjects would select their own chart more that 50% of the time.

Test #2: 116 subjects completed California Personality Index surveys and provided natal data (date, time and place of birth). One set of natal data and the results of three personality surveys (one of which was for the same person as the natal data) were given to an astrologer who was to interpret the natal data and determine which of the three CPI results belonged to the same subject as the natal data. In only 40 of the 116 cases, the astrologers chose the correct CPI. As with test #1, this is the exact success rate expected for random chance. The astrologers predicted that they would select the correct CPI profiles in more that 50 per cent of the trials.

Conclusion by Carlson:

“We are now in a position to argue a surprisingly strong case against natal astrology as practiced by reputable astrologers. Great pains were taken to insure that the experiment was unbiased and to make sure that astrology was given every reasonable chance to succeed. It failed. Despite the fact that we worked with some of the best astrologers in the country, recommended by the advising astrologers for their expertise in astrology and in their ability to use the CPI, despite the fact that every reasonable suggestion made by advising astrologers was worked into the experiment, despite the fact that the astrologers approved the design and predicted 50% as the “minimum” effect they would expect to see, astrology failed to perform at a level better than chance.

“I have not yet received a serious scientific challenge to the paper. The newsletter of the American Federation of Astrologers Network published a response in January (1986). I was very disappointed to see that it largely consists of personal attacks. Its few substantive criticisms are attributable to ignorance of the experiment, of the CPI, and of basic scientific methodology.”

So the astrologers failed their own test. Does this mean they gave up astrology as being useless? Of course not: they are totally closed minded to the possibility that astrology doesn’t work.

I expect to get hostile responses. But can anyone here come up with a test that would be accepted by all sides?

Edit: I’d like evidence for heaven and limbo, blind belief is not my nature. What is the difference blind belief and plain made up?

How good is it for a behavioral tool? Attempts for personality based astrology is still no better than one in twelve. In other words random chance. But, let’s say there was evidence that astrology was accurate for one in six. Statistical support yes, but still astrology is wrong much more than it is right. Even if it was one in three, it is wrong more than right. So why would it be useful for something like psychiatry when more than likely it will be wrong.

Should something being used as a tool be more successful than failing?


What are the predictions for cancer horoscopes in 2011?

Its been a rocky year. What can we expect for 2011? What do you think?

Answer by ♈ Marilyn ♉ ♓
as a cancer, if you find that you are having a hard time or will be having some difficulty you might wanna google info on transit pluto opposite sun and transit saturn square sun..
those are 2 things you mightve been having or are about to deal with.. but dont worry youre not alone, capricorns, aries, and libra have also had those planets in either square conjunction or opposition aspects to their sun.. or theyre about to.. and this lasts about 2 years or so?..
some will pass through it sooner than others, depending on what degree their sun is in.. nothing to be scared about, it just helps to know what’s going on.. might help to know that it’s just temporary and to know how to approach or handle it


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