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Driving and Astrological signs = more or less accidents?

Heya I just wanted to know if there was any truth behind getting in accidents and your astrological signs. It states that Leos (July 23-August 22) and then Geminis (May 21-June 20) were found to be the best overall, and Libras (born September 23-October 22) followed by Aquarians (January 20-February 18) as the worst offenders for tickets and accidents. Don’t know how true this is but i can say i’m a Leo and i never have gotten in a accident and i’ve been driving legally for 13 years / 29 y/o but i have had 1 speeding ticket lol.

Answer by Liadan
I read that article too! I’m a Leo as well, been driving for about six years and never have had an accident or gotten a ticket. And what’s crazy is my bf is an Aquarian and he has had at least three wrecks and a few tickets in the last couple of years. Coincidence?

Answer by Shawn C
Im a leo and i have had 3 accidents, one was a rearend that I couldn’t avoid, the other 2 were weather related,but I have had no tickets(not even for the accidents) so that kind of puts that theory out

Answer by Susan M
Using sun signs to measure the accident statistics is like using hair color or shoe size. It is too broad and undefined a category.
Aside from the sun sign, everyone has a moon sign, rising sign and each other planet is somewhere on the birth chart, which is how astrology can be specific.

astrological signs

How does the scientific community feel about astrological signs and their implications about mood, ect?

Just curious if there could be some physics to explain why signs can sometimes be so compelling and relevant for those that fall under their respective ones?

Answer by pvreditor
Scientists generally feel that astrology is total nonsense. Although it is true that the sun and moon have an effect on our moods, constellations and planets have no effect on us whatsoever. Most scientists think that astrology is just mythology that distracts people from understanding real science.

Answer by injanier
Astrology is metaphysics – symbolic meanings attached to physical phenomena. Aside from the knowledge of astronomy needed to calculate planetary positions, there is no hard science behind astrology. In fact, there is no plausible physical mechanism behind it, and therefore no involvement from physics.

As for how scientists feel about it, it depends on the scientist, but probably somewhere between amusement and contempt.

Over in the soft sciences, they *have* studied astrology, but it didn’t come off very well – .

Answer by eri
Because some people are gullible and will believe everything you tell them.

There’s no science to astrology. It’s all superstition. Even simple tests of it don’t work. If they did, we’d have a new field of science and the person who could prove it would win the Nobel prize and another million bucks from this guy . But no one can, because astrology is bullshit.

astrological signs

If a man is born on December 28, 1977, what are his astrological signs?

I know his sun sign is Capricorn, but what about the other signs that can have an impact on his personality? What can anyone tell me about this man?? Thanks so much ahead of time!

Answer by now is the time
type in his info here and you’ll get a basic explanation

Answer by child of atlantis
To get a true reading you need the time and place of birth. There are companies online which can help you.

Answer by emfederin
“Eat at Joe’s”

I forget the other one.