Does believing in horoscopes qualify as a sin in the Roman Catholic Religion?

If I were to believe in horoscopes does that mean that I am defying God? Or is it simply another tool of conveying God’s message?

Answer by cheir
It’s a nonsense and in religious terms idolatry.

Answer by PeacetolPackinPreacher
It violates a Biblical Commandment.

Answer by Jeff M
According to The Word, it is a sin. Doesn’t matter what “church”, God’s Word is the only thing that counts.


Do you think horoscopes and zodiac signs are accurate?

Daily love, life, future horoscopes real or just random things that can sometimes relate to your life? And experiences with Zodiac signs such as compatibility with other signs or the non compatible signs and the things those certain signs are or suppose to do?

Answer by Cheyenne Johnson
they don’t do jack shit.

Answer by sunnygirl1255
Maybe. But how can, say, ALL Gemini have the same horoscope? Like are they all going to have a good day if it says so? Kinda fishy…

Answer by chocolate tea
In general (not ALL websites are accurate at all), but I do feel that it has some truth to it. The universe is so magnificent, and some of my “horoscopes” have been quite relevant, but it’s not always accurate. The compatibility ones I feel hold the least accuracy


Has anyone ever thought of asking a legitimate astronomy question in the Horoscopes section just for fun?

When people post astrology questions here in Astronomy and Space I will often refer them to Entertainment_and_Music>Horoscopes.

But what if we were to post typical astronomy homework questions like “how is the lifetime of a main sequence star determined by its mass?” in the Horoscopes (aka astrology) section.

I think it could be pretty funny to see what kind of responses posting there would elicit.

Answer by lindajune
Great idea – I’m going to ask one, and see what responses I get.

Answer by Adam
Though I think we shouldn’t stoop to their level… it sounds fun!

I’m going to go post one too. BRB…

edit: Yay. Posted a question. Zero answers. 🙁

Answer by Owl Eye
Great Idea!

I asked about Dark matter and dark energy and got one surprisingly thoughtful answer that is now the best answer!