astrology compatibility

Does anyone know any good astrology compatibility sites?

I need to find a good site for testing astrology compatibility, does anyone know of any that do free tests in detail?

Answer by David

You could try or You can get some sample reports on relationshionships and marriage on but have to pay for the full reports.

What’s a really good website that determines chinese astrology compatibility?

i’m becoming more interested in chinese astrology and i’m realizing how many factors are involved. anyone know of a site that’s legit in determining compatibility based on all of these factors?

so far..this is what i have. but i know there are other factors that go into determining if we are compatible..

i am a metal goat (leo sun scorpio moon) yin.
he is a water monkey (pisces sun sagittarius moon) yang.

Answer by Misscpb

Try the site below as it has an automatic chinese astrology compatability calculator

Lots of Love

Answer by Claudia
then i can give a site that determines chinese astrology.let me find the link for was suggested by my try it