Does anyone else feel like the horoscopes section is kinda like high school?

It feels like its full of “cliques” etc.
Instead of it just being a website where questions are answered, and asked, its like a secret society of “elites” because they’ve used the site for a long time.
Anyone else get this vibe?

Answer by jacob s
You’re not alone 🙂 I too have felt this

Answer by l’ɱ βіttɛʀ§ωɛɛt♥ ™
Yes… I always hated High School, and I hated the drama queens. I was more of the “i’ll do my own shit” person 🙂

I can’t help being here though because I do want to learn about Astrology more but theres too many things going that make this section look so ridiculous sometimes.

Answer by Bay Area good guy
why yes M I too suspect any organization who’s basic premise is based on a belief the earth is the center of our universe. We now know they got that horrible wrong . Snaps to Copernicus by the way.


Where can I get free but good horoscopes?

There are a lot, but does anybody know a good horoscope website that actually knows what they’re talking about and is not only for entertainment but also someplace you can trust and seek accurate predictions from based on your Zodiac sign?

Answer by Stephen T

Answer by hamsert

Answer by Satisfactory-Sock
I do hope you realize that there are no good horoscope’s out there are aren’t based on entertainment…


What are the most commonly repeated questions about horoscopes?

like, the FAQs about horoscopes

Answer by pori
why is my scorpio bf/gf doing this? will he/she ever come back again.

Answer by En-Dora the Explorer
Are our charts compatible (invariably no chart is listed but placements )

What is my rising sign? ( usually with no time or place provided )

if i was born 28 degrees____, am i on the cusp?

which signs do you get along with, which signs do you not get along with?

and of course our new staple favorite: Why did the zodiac signs change?

Answer by Sparrowbird
In addition to the above I’ll add these:
“Why do people believe in horoscopes?”
“Does this (insert sign) guy like me?”
“Are all (insert sign) like this?”
and of course something along the lines of, “My name is (insert unpronouncable name), born at (insert exact time and date) in (insert unpronouncable place name) Am I a manglik please predict my marriage”