Does any like to combine eastern and western horoscopes?

Im a Leo in the eastern zodiac and a dragon in the Chinese. It’s weird because I find extreme similarities in them. They both sound like me too. I’m starting to think this stuff is partially accurate in some way. Has anyone else found there east and west sign both described them well?

Answer by Really Cool
Only west describes me well my east is the total opposite. My east is Aquarius my west is pices

Answer by unknown_darkness
Well, I’m part Chinese so I follow both zodiacs. (: There’ll definitely be similarities but I find that the Western horoscope describes my personality better than the Chinese one. And I don’t really believe in its accuracy but it’s fun to know. x)

Answer by djoeskywalker
Birth year animal signs are too shallow and are inaccurate. Unfortunately, most of people in the West thought the animal signs represent Chinese astrology. This is not true and is very sad.

You get accurate reading only when it’s based on the full birth info, including Year, Month, Day, Time, and gender.

The two mainstream approaches in Chinese astrology are Ba Zi, and Zi Wei Dou Shu. They each has 2,000 year of history. They are practiced in Chinese ethnic communities around the world.

There are 25K combination of Ba Zi. There are 100 stars spread in 12 palaces in Zi Wei Dou Shu. Both approaches require full birth info.

Both approaches provide information of life-long trend, current 10 year trend, and current year fortune.

Western Zodiac is based on constellations, while Chinese Ba Zi is based on a different theory of yin/yang, element, season, and balance.

Knowing that Western Sun Signs are shallow and inaccurate; and birth year animal signs are also shallow and inaccurate; mixing both is like garbage in and garbage out, with a twist at the end.


Is there any actual science or legitimacy behind horoscopes?

Or are they just complete BS. (Which they obviously are but is it just someone making them up, or is there any way they determine them?)

Answer by fusepark
Complete BS.

Answer by Michael
It’s a Pseudoscience, though many would disagree. It can be classified as such.

Answer by Isabelle
I don’t believe there is any Science involved, it’s more guess and what they believe stars say.


Is there an astrology website that gives accurate daily horoscopes?


Answer by LadyL

it goes by your planet alignment when it gives your horoscope and it’s free.

Answer by What? Check it again!
AOL horoscopes?


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