Do you think people that seriously believe in astrology and horoscopes are incredibly naive?

Wouldn’t they make the perfect victim for predators of all walks of life?

The gullibility is beyond me.

Answer by Peasnheart

I think the people that don’t know anything about astrology are the naive ones. They have no clue! LOL

Answer by I coughed up a hairball
LOL i love the way you talk/type xD
and I dont think so… most of the people that seriously believe in it, feel so strongly about it for a reason, they did their research, and theyve seen it work. cant say the same about my self, i have a hard time digging “deep” into astrology.

Answer by .*r.i.p. mom*.
shut ur face

astrology horoscopes

Which sign do you think least believes in horoscopes/astrology?

Like, I notice very few Virgos and Tauruses actually give a crap about their sign.
Lol El Marxista! I always spot Saggis because they light up my day. How’s that, you anti-astrology nerd?

Answer by Fease Yough

Answer by Ben
Anyone whose sign is wrong due to the shift in the suns relative position. Also, whatever sign I am because it’s all bunk.

Answer by ¨*`•.¸☆
i was going to say virgo.
soo.. yeah.

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