Do you really think horoscopes mean anything?

I am not quite a believe in them, because they just seem so general. What is the point?

Answer by Mrs Rhod Gilbert
There is no point it’s all fabricated bunkem to make people feel better.

Answer by Hugh Jazz
all lies. i never get good luck like they say.

Answer by Josh


Why is there so much generalization and hate when it comes to horoscopes?

theres so much grouping of people together. “i hate scorpios” or “i hate leos” blah blah blah.

thats so stupid. i mean you can believe in horoscopes but still be open minded to people at the same time. not everyone is going to fit their zodiac description. asdfjkl ahh XD

Answer by ☠.∂єviℓs ∂αughtєr.☠ (Nyx)
it’s ridiculous. I know a girl that won’t ever consider even talking to an Aquarius –.– because apparently they clash with her sign and are all evil. Should take people as they are, as individuals.

Answer by Salina
I agree people need to be more open minded!

@The undertaker I have always been open minded. it’s you who is not, stop twisting it.

Answer by Lynn V
If people would follow the Golden Rule, I don’t think there would be hate. Nobody knows a person’s sign until they find out what it is, so I don’t know why they say “I hate Scorpios” etc. I think it’s what people do , and when they find out their sign, then they say “I hate Scorpio” or whatever their sign is. That’s my thoughts.