Do you believe that yahoo horoscopes are real?

I like to check my horoscope on yahoo a lot. And I; m wondering if you believe in it?

based upon personality yes. 🙂

Answer by ♠ ♦ ♣ < T.C.K > ♣ ♦ ♠

Cause last Monday, I had a disastorous day which invovled A LOT of falling down flat on my face…and it was nothing like, as it said in the horoscope, “going to be a wonderful day where you will have monetary gain and make many friends and understand your future better.”

None of it was true….instead of monetary gain….I lost some.

Answer by Behind Closed Doors
The horoscopes you see like that are generic. Like generic food. Its similar ingredients to the real thing but its just not the same. If you’re not getting horoscopes specific to your date of birth its difficult to find any relavance to the horoscope.


do u believe in horoscopes and all that zodiac match stuff?

like, oh if ur capricorn u wont match a pisces or stuff like that for compatibility and stuff.

i dont. i think its interesting to read, but really its all bs.

Answer by mindy

Answer by Thinking Is Winning
I read it sometimes, but that doesn’t mean I believe init.

Answer by horsechic1990
I don’t either. I agree with you, it is a load of bullcrap.


Is your marriage/relationship excellent even though horoscopes say your incompatible?

Is your marriage/relationship excellent even though horoscopes say your incompatible?
whats your sign and what is your mate’s sign?
how long together

Answer by Yuki Kasa
dont go bye that crap go bye how you guys feel about eachother ..if you go by that your stupid..go bye how you guys spend with eachother go bye feelings love and what you both desier

Answer by Howard
People who believe in horoscope ruin themselves and their family by developing an obsessive belief in this non sense.

Please save yourself before you become an addict to this compulsion.