Do you believe in horoscopes and soul mates?

That horoscopes determined who you will be more likely to get along with and date

and that everyone has a soulmate?

Answer by Daniel C

Answer by Miguel Angel Cotto

Answer by Arum
I don’t believe in horoscopes at all because i’m a leo and i’m nothing like they say i’m supposed to be. But i do believe in soul mates ๐Ÿ™‚


Do horoscopes work? Or do they just say things that apply to lots of people to make you think they work?

I’m one of those girls who is totally into reading girly magazines like SEVENTEEN and I enjoy reading the horoscopes. I always find that what they write about my sign (scorpio) is always semi-accurate, however i don’t know if it’s just a coincidence and a lot of girls can apply to my horoscope, or if it is actually accurate.

Answer by kumorifox
Have a look at the other horoscopes as well. Most are so vague that they apply to almost everyone. Because you focus on the Scorpio one, you don’t see the points in the others.

Try following the Taurus one for a while. Taurus and Scorpio are opposite each other. And do it the same way you followed your own, with an open mind and not looking for excuses to prove it wrong. See if it is still correct.

Answer by sweet n cute
Hmm… Hello these horoscopes are sometimes really true but at times it is not true i guess!!
And if you are comparing them with how your day was then i would like to tell you that these are not so specific as they are about all those scorpions around the world reading that article girl !!!

Answer by Jeff
Try this experiment with a friend who does not read horoscopes: take all of the horoscope fortunes and remove the name of the constellation and then have your friend guess which one is most accurate for him/herself. Do this multiple times and see how often that person guesses right. If your friend is correct approximately 1 out of every 12 times, it’s completely random. It won’t work if your friend reads the horoscopes, because then he or she will be inclined to choose the one that sounds like the sign they are “supposed” to have.

Why would the position of the sun superimposed on a random pattern of stars impose certain qualities upon you based on the day you’re born? And why would those qualities be related to those of animals that a few ancient people think the random pattern of stars look like? Does that really make any scientific sense?

The only sense I can make of it is that the time of year you are born might slightly affect your personality due to the season and the holidays that were imprinted on your infant mind. Spending your first formative weeks indoors in the winter versus outdoors in the summer, or having crazy christmas events freak you out as a newborn might affect you slightly for the rest of your life. But would they have anythign to do with a patch of stars that one person thinks looks like a scorpion? And ask yourself why the dates for the horoscope constellations are still the same after thousands of years, even though the earth’s precession has shifted the relative position of the sun and stars by approximately one month. So the constellations are actually a month off from where they historically were when the horoscopes were developed. Maybe that’s why you always secretly felt like a libra? From a scientific perspective, astrology is complete bunk. But you are welcome to believe what you want, just don’t call it science, please!

you are absolutely right to recognize that the horoscopes rely on generalities and coincidence to make you feel that they are correct. That’s the psychology of telling fortunes. Something big is going to happen to you soon, a special friend is going to make you feel good today, and you sometimes feel lonely and confused inside but you know that there is a bold and confident person trying to get out! Times are rough, but your perseverence will pay off.


Can someone tell me the background for horoscopes?

I know it has something to do with astrology, but like how do people know how your day is going to be? Or how the time your born has something to with your personal characteristics?

Answer by lala
Its impossible to know about ; how a day went for someone . About personal characteristic ;; You have to get your chat done ; and YES astrology is very accurate