Do you believe in horoscopes and do you think that they tell the true?

Do you believe in horoscopes and do you think that they tell the true?

Answer by As long as you’re up, get me a lawyer
Over half a century ago, Bertram Forer came up with a well known proof that horoscopes are popular for the same reason that religious fairy-tales are popular. Most people love to believe in hocus-pocus and out of wishful thinking they will make up significant connections between events that are not related, and add meaning to phenomena that are random.


Answer by Piscesblue60
No, the general run, “one size-fits-all” are just for fun. They are amusing to read in the paper because usually just the opposite is true. Some say it’s science and others say it’s superstition.

I like to keep an open mind about astrology as in some aspects, it seems to make as much sense if not more than other beliefs.

Astrology has been around for thousands of years and I find it interesting reading but I haven’t studied it in depth. One would have to have a deep interest to learn all there is to know about where the planets are and all the terms and the star charts, etc. Maybe they know something the rest of us don’t. They don’t seem like the jolliest people on Earth now do they?

Answer by Judee
No, these people deceive you.


How do they come up with the horoscopes for the day?

Just curious with how someone figures that would and such.

Answer by Anonymous
There are these things called “Transit charts” which show the current positions of the planets in relation to a certain star sign.

Answer by Jordie-Boi
Horoscopes use special wording of sentences called “Barnum statements” (made famous by P.T. Barnum). These are statements that appear to make subjective claims about one person, but actually fits the majority of people reading them – they’re actually very objective statements.

It’s a similar technique that is used by many fraduelant psychics and mediums, or tarrot card readers. They produce “insight” into our lives but can merely account for anyone. Here’s a small example:

“You are a person who is prone to bouts of real self-examination. This is in sharp contrast to a striking ability you have developed to appear socially very engaged, even the life and soul of the party; but in a way that only convinces others. You are all too aware of it being a façade.
This means that you will often be at a gathering and find yourself playing a part. While on the one hand you’ll be talkative and funny, you’ll be detaching yourself to the point where you will find yourself watching everything going on around you and feeling utterly unable to engage. You’ll play conversations back to yourself in your head and
wonder what that person really meant when he said such-and-such – conversations that other people wouldn’t give a second thought to.”

This means nothing, it’s essentially saying that “you are the life and soul of the party” and appear “very socially engaged”, but equally it cancels itself out by giving the opposite view, “on the other hand you’ll be detatching yourself” from that situation.

In the end, Barnum statements and Cold Readers use such wording to make it fit our lives. And if they don’t, we disregard is as a “minor hiccup” and forget about it – only remembering those correct statements to back up our beliefs that Horoscopes are true. And while this doesn’t really answer your question on “how they come up with horoscopes”, hopefully it sheds some light on what the content says.

Answer by Aya and baby!
Some invent them entirely on the spot. Others use the sign’s personality to create a situation which that sign would be more likely to find itself in (completely ignoring the fact that every person has an entire chart that makes up their personality but hey, if that’s how they make their money… ) and yet others use planetary transitions in regards to the signs, for example when a horoscope says mercury is in your 12th house for Scorpio, that means mercury is in Libra, but they still interpret it as a 12th house mercury, which will probably make today’s or this week’s horoscope for Scorpio something like: “You can expect people to keep secrets from you as mercury resides in your 12th house.” Of course, people who write periodical horoscopes that way, should be writing them for people with the rising in those signs, not the sun.


Is the horoscopes section about REAL astrology anymore?

Or is it just mainly teen love quiz BS? Did the P&S kids come in here and trash the place?

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Not with question like these and answers like mine.

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Teen love queries are important to those who post them; just as important as your hopes to marry a Doctor are to you.

Only smart people have personalities.

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yeah this section is full of a**holes… *sigh*