astrology zodiac signs

Do you believe in astrology/zodiac signs/etc?

Do you believe in that stuff? Like Im a Capricorn and my boyfriend is an Aries. Do you think I get along better with him rather than a Sagittarius?? Do you believe in horoscopes?

Answer by dr schmitty
i think that if you took a weekly/monthly/whatever horoscope and shuffled the signs (thus randomizing the “predictions”) no one would know the difference.

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Answer by Rose
I think it’s also a science. If calculation is accurate it gives a general idea of a person including the health condition.

astrology zodiac signs

Do you believe in astrology/zodiac signs?

Me personally, I do, just because I was a Leo and am now a Cancer and both apply really well to me.

Answer by Dave
No to be honest i think its all bulshit

Answer by Remy
First of all, unless you subscribe to sidereal astrology, your sign hasn’t changed. Secondly, there is a lot more to astrology than just your sun sign. If you really believe in it, you should learn more about it.

Answer by ~Steph~
That’s not possible, you can’t change signs! :-/ Whenever your birthday month and day is, is what determines your sign. N yes, i somewhat believe in it.

Relying on God and not Astrology/ Zodiac Signs?

alot of people rely on zodiac compatibility in order for them to know who is the Right one for them, but how can it proven to be correct by generalizing people in one specific category such as saying “all cancers are emotional” or “Taurus and Pisces are a match made in heaven” what are your view and take on people relying on Zodiac signs more then fate or God’s will?

Answer by fallenlitttleangel
Which God? Not everyone’s Christian. Not everyone believes in a god.

And astrology is pretty cool. Based on stars and the universe. I think the zodiac is right to a certain point. But I know people who are absolutely not what the zodiac are described.

And I don’t think Taurus and Pisces are right for each other. Was that just a fake example or were you serious? xP I believe I dated a Taurus and didn’t take the zodiac’s warning. It ended up horribly.

Answer by Solve et Coagula
god = grand architect of dimensions,- control over us, our abilities- if does exist then it would know all the choices we were going to make already then this means he knew and knows that i am writing this stuff about him therefore -will send me to “hell”

astrology= understanding of behaviors of others, which means we could have some control over our understanding of others and not look stupid. and i don’t know why but it is true.

god= don’t know, astrology= control, truth

sooo which would u prefer??

Answer by Person
I don’t believe in God.

I’m skeptical about astrology but I study it because I find it, strangely, to be sometimes true. Plus, the idea itself is very interesting. I’m Possibilian, which means I’m open to the possibility of everything, but do not believe any certain viewpoint to be true.