Do you believe in accuracy of horoscopes?

I think they are cute and fun to look at sometimes. I do tend to have a little self fulfilling prophecy when it comes to getting bad horoscopes. My 2010 horoscope isnt looking good for me this year… Just wondering what other people think of these.

Answer by The Grey Angel
Everyday horoscopes that you read in the newspaper may not be accurate but Astrology as far as I’m concerned is real. I’ve looked up my NATAL CHART and I’ve learned so much about myself and 99% of it is true!

Answer by curious_nick
Yes only if it is based on your birth details and places and all that stuff, the general horoscopes are way off sometimes. try www.astro.com’s personal daily horoscope you’ll know what i am talking about

Answer by omnipwn
Horoscopes are vague, made up statements. Ultimately meaningless. They rely on psychological exploitation to ‘work’.


Why do people take horoscopes seriously?

They clearly have no basis in scientific fact, and horoscopes are obviously made up, but why do people read them?

Answer by Morgan
They give me hope. Seriously dude do you wanna kill my dreams?

Answer by Hari
The original one, the Ayurveda is real. The proof is in itself. I have one and it can even tell me of past events too and the illness I had suffered, the family member that had died, the type of Intelligent and body I have, etc. My astrologer, she is Indian and she learn this science when she was 12 years old. She could foreseen my life in 14 years ahead, wow.

Answer by Jessica
There’s a lot of meaning to it. It’s not just the star sign; planets throughout the chart, and their aspects, do have an effect on our lives. Some of them we can change, but others we will never be able to. If science did a little more research, they’d truly see this and stop being skeptical. In fact, Vedic (sidereal) astrology has been considered a sacred science dating all the way back to 5,000 years ago.


Does anyone believe zodiac horoscopes are accurate?

What is the origin of the zodiac readings? What percentage of people actually believe their horoscopes?

Answer by Mimi♥
I don’t believe in it that much because my zodiac sign is completely off about me, but it’s still fun just to read my horoscope anyways!!:D I dunno where they came from though…

Answer by Metaferia
60% most of the time it’s true


Answer by Linda B