Do people really believe in horoscopes?

I always here all these questions asking if these horoscopes are compatible. And questions like why are (one horoscope) always attracted to (another horoscope).

Do people really judge people by their horoscope? Better yet, believe in it?

How can you judge someone by a horoscope when there are millions of people of the same horoscope and they obviously aren’t the same. I just don’t understand.

PS: Would you not date the opposite sex because your horoscopes were not compatible or because you didn’t like theirs?

Answer by MTOWN
I have known some silly people that believe in it heavily. Those same also believe in a lot of other nonsense too, and have been very religious. Go figure.

Answer by fwazy1
Look at horoscopes and you’ll see they can fit anybody. Then when they match what has happened, people actually believe it’s the ‘scope that did it.

Answer by Wounded Duck
Sadly yes! There are billions of superstitious idiotic people in this world. Just look at all the religions.


Why do horoscopes never predict that you will have a bad day or a bad year?

It seems like every horoscope always talks about opportunities in the upcoming year. It may tell how 2010 will be better than 2009. This is ironic because my 2009 horoscope didn’t tell me it was going to be a bad year.

Answer by Matthew S
Horoscopes are not accurate predictions. They are just clever little lines people think up. To keep people believing and give a better chance of them coming true, writers typically try to keep horoscopes vague, positive, and in the distant future.

If a horoscope told you it would be a good/bad day, and it wasn’t, people would lose faith in horoscopes.

Answer by Kristen
It depends on how you look at it. Sometimes mine are crazy accurate. They are just for fun though.

Answer by confused_390
Most contemporary astrologers are keenly
aware that the Universe is Entropic. Yet
they have (or appear to have) a psychological
block in regard to providing information.

This was not so with ancient and medieval

Bear in mind that astrology seems to indicate
periods of high(er) probability of a category of
events occurring. Nothing is necessarily “cast
in concrete”.

Below is a URL for a website that appears to
be setup by an advanced student. “Articles”
would seem to be Lunar Transits.


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