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Do life path numbers and astrology signs contridict?

I am a cancer female and my boyfriend is a psices. My life path number is 3 and gis is 4. I have always heard that cancer and psices are a perfect match and I did a little research myself and found out that we are a very good match. But our life path numbers are not compatible. So my question is are cancer and psices actually a perfect match? Even if the numbers are not compatiable can the relationship still be good?

astrology signs

Do astrology signs really determine relationships and stuff?

I am a Sagg Female and I was just wondering if it really determines weather people get along or not. I have a crush on a Gemini and I got to wondering about signs and stuff, I haven’t really paid much attention to them until now…

Answer by Matt

Answer by Robert O
Yep! If your horoscope says ‘don’t push it with your mate,’ then don’t push it with your mate because that moon will f you up!!!

Answer by geri
Not my relationships. I’ve done compatibility charts on two guys before and the chart looked great, in real life though it was really really not the case. I don’t put my trust in that stuff. I am only interested in how it affects me.

astrology signs

What is your sign and what has been your experience with other astrology signs?

It’s for a project due by Monday (please help)
Only short answers.
Great – Fair – Not Good

Answer by Curious_Rob
If it’s zodiac, then I’m a Libra. I really have no worthwhile experience in with it. Maybe because I never believed in them.

Answer by LA
As a mate:
Scorpio & Pices – EXCELLENT!
Scorpio & Gemini – Run for the hills!

As a friend:
Scorpio & Aries – Great.

Answer by Forbidden
Chinese: Snake

Western: Pisces