Do horoscopes realy have an affect on ones sexual relationship?

I am all for Horoscopes. But me and my husbands don’t match and always has something to do with us not getting along. Is this where I have to consider opposites attract?

Answer by LJ
There are other factors to consider more than just sun signs.
Like what signs occupy your Venus or Mars, etc?
try link below…

Answer by AJ vashist
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What horoscopes are cancers and geminis typically attracted to?

my birthday is june 21st so technically I can be both horoscopes…thanks!

Answer by Amber R.
sagittarius!!! all the way (i’m a sag) 🙂
usually libras, cancers, and geminis always flirt with me… being that you’re a little bit of both cancer and gemini you definitely are attracted to sagittarians!

Answer by iDelilah
Ummmm no sweetie,you can only be a gemini the last day of cancers is on the 20th not 21st.but geminis like aries ugh,an someother people I think leos but cancers like libras scropios an taurus

Answer by Shine bright like a Star
It’s Zodiac Signs not Horoscopes -__-


Are horoscopes or zodiacs true?Are the zodiacs true for you and your loved one?

Some people tell me chinese horoscopes arent,the zodiacs are true for me and my bf, and seperatly for me.

Answer by what do you want my name to be?
they all read me pretty well.

Answer by DOY
They sound true too me.
I found out alot about myself

Answer by Bill P
A horoscope is a chart of the positions of the planets at the exact time of your birth – adjusted for your birth location since he books usually
us GMT. They have to adjust from GMT to your birth time zone.
So far, everything is based on the science of mathematics. Next
comes interpretation of the data. This is an art based on study and experience. One astrologer said she looks at 1700 bits of data
to read your chart. You can learn a great deal about a person by
their sun sign, but there is much more involved. Get a book like “Linda Goodmans” Sun Signs” and you can learn a lot
about a person. If your sun sign is Pisces you will probably be
rather emotional and intuitive. If you rising sign is Leo – your rising sign is your outward personality – so you like to be in the limelight.
Then the moon position shows your temperament plus also shows how you view your mother. So if moon was in cancer – you would be double
emotional and see mom as very nurturing.
That is how you read a chart, blend all the signs, houses, planets and aspects. Layering one on another. Now reading future events is
done with the same info but used in different ways. It takes much
practice to do a good job. Some people pick it up easily.