astrological signs

Do astrological signs determine what kind of personality you will have?

I think astrology is bogus and demonic. If astrology does determine personality type why are people born under the same astrological sign possess different MBTI results? Go figure.

Answer by Cheyne
Do they?

Answer by Psykillogy
only if you believe they do, metacognition affects decision making and bias

Answer by celestial clockwork
You think astrology is bogus and demonic because you know nothing about it.
And to answer your question – no, astrological sign (I imagine you meant the “sun sign”), does not determine anything, least of all the personality type.

What you think about astrology would be akin to thinking that because the weather report calls for showers, your car will turn purple.

astrological signs

What are the major differences between the astrological signs?

What are the major differences between the astrological signs? I know they all have distincive personality traits, but some of them are so similar (like Libra and Gemini). Could someone list all the signs and how they are all different, because making the distinction between all of the characteristic is somewhat difficult.

Answer by r_a73
I think it’ll probably be more thorough and also more easily understandable if I give you the similarities as well as the differences between the signs, so if you don’t mind, I’ll approach it that way. (If you do mind, I’m sorry, but by the time you object, my answer will have already been posted so there’s not a whole lot to be done about it, lol)

Okay, so the signs are divided up into different categories which will help you to understand the individual signs. First there are the elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Fire signs are impulsive and spontanious, and active (masculine or extroverted), Earth signs are grounded and practicat(feminine or introverted), Air signs intellectual (also masculine) and Water signs emotional and receptive (also feminine). Beyond that, the signs are also divided into 3 groups of 4 signs each called qualities, which are cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Cardinal signs are initiators and leaders, fixed signs are determined and stubborn, and mutable signs are flexible, they adapt easily to change. So the signs then are:

Aries: cardinal fire, extroverted, spontaneous, initiators, aggressive, likes to be first.

Leo: Fixed fire, extroverted, spontaneous, self focused (fixed), likes to rule, but is more one to dominate over what has already been established than to initiate.

Sagittarius: mutable fire, extroverted and spontaneous again, but more adaptable and easy going than the other fire signs.

Taurus: Fixed earth, introverted, practical, grounded, slow to action, but stubborn once they make up their mind

Virgo: Mutable earth: introverted, practical, grounded, but flexible keen minds which take in a lot, however being mutable earth, there is still discrimination in the thought processes, so that the mutable quality of this sign is subject to analysis and evaluation….something you don’t always see with the other mutable signs. Be that as it may, Virgo will still weigh *all* the angles before making a decision.

Capricorn: Cardinal fire: introverted, practical, grounded, *doers*….the upwardly mobile ones:)

Gemini: Mutable Air: extroverted, intellectual, incredibly quick minds that take in a lot, sometimes scattered due to their mutability….reminds me of dandelion seeds blowing in the wind:)

Libra: Cardinal air: extroverted, intellectual, balanced, mediators, and socially inclined

Aquarius: FIxed air, extroverted, intelligent, humanitarian, but very set on their ideas and ideals, such that they are convinced that their idea of utopia is the best idea for all.

Cancer: Cardinal water, introverted, receptive and emotional, nurturers.

Scorpio: Fixed water: introverted, receptive, emotional, tend to become very attached and possesive of those which they love.

Pisces: Mutable water: introverted, receptive, emotional, intuitive, adaptable and changeable.

Hoping that made sense and was helpful:)

Answer by vintagevine

To keep it easy..

For each sign, there is an element. Fire Earth Air or Water.
One element can smother and rule over another while others combine and some nurture.

For example: Fire needs Oxygen(air) so a fire sign such as Aries and and air sign such as Libra may be compatible. An earth sign such as Virgo may do well with a water sign such as Pisces ( earth needs water to grow -but it also needs oxygen).

Signs with common elements such as water may be more compatible because they are the same element -water and water.

However compatible elements can also have negative exchanges.

It all depends on the each person’s chart to determine compatibilities. Charts are not merely meant to find compatibility between lovers, but compatibility in business ventures, travel and other areas.

Gemini and Libra are both air signs – common element.
It would not be at all surprising for them to have some common tastes.

Each sign is either fixed, cardinal, or mutable.

Aries – Fire sign
Taurus -Earth sign
Cancer -Water sign
Leo -Fire sign
Virgo -Earth sign
Libra -Air sign
Scorpio -Water sign
Sagittarius – Fire Sign
Capricorn – Earth Sign
Aquarius – Air Sign
Pisces -Water Sign

Please keep in mind this is a super basic example of how astrology is set up in Western astrology. There are planets houses and much more used in interpreting a chart.

Hope this helps a bit.

Answer by moondreamer_923
Libra and gemini are very similar because they are both air signs, I will list the signs and give you my description of what I think stands out the most for each of them.

Aries – selfish, aggressive, outspoken, confident, alert, adventurous, confident, quick-tempered.
Taurus – stubborn, warm-hearted, jealous, gentle, resentful, greedy, self-indulgent.
Gemini – Intellectual, social, adaptable, superficial, irresponsible, cheerful, logical, almost always late to everything.
Cancer – Sensative, caring, protective, moody, clingy, manipulative, dependant, possessive, fussy, insecure.
Leo – Loving, Dominant, self-assured, creative, courageous, independent, natural leaders, dramatic, daring, strong willed, funny, self-centered.
Virgo – Detailed, precise, tidy, shrewd, jealous, distrustful, critical, cold, observant, analytical, pessimistic.
Libra – Charming, intellectual, tasteful, well balanced, observant, romantic, opinionated, indecisive, gullible, people pleasing (have a hard time saying no), like to avoid conflict.
Scorpio – Complex, mysterious, intense, perceptive, deeply emotional, sensitive, demanding, possessive, jealous, quick to anger, secretive, grudge holders.
Saggittarius – Independent, lucky, talkative, outgoing, straightforward, enthusiastic, optimistic, impatient, irrational, sarcastic, flighty, selfish.
Capricorn – Serious, dependable, tolerant, ambitious, workaholics, practicle, humorous, reserved, stubborn, possessive, controlling, cold, calculating, pessimistic, miserly.
Aquarious – open-minded, caring, liberal, understanding, friendly, aloof, cold, mean, judgmental, fickle, intractable, unpredictable, self-centered.
Pisces – Emotional, sensative, creative (usually into art or musically inclined), enchanting, reverent, easy-going, secretive, idealistic, weak-willed, easily led, needy, lazy, depressed, irresponsible, goal-less, indecisive, vague.

Hope that helps you.

Are there any cultures or groups that believe in horoscopes/astrological signs?

And things of the like?

BQ: When is your birthday and what is your astrological sign?
I was born on 24 June, and I’m a cancer.

Answer by Daniel
September, I m a Virgo.
I dont believe in that Bullsh*t

Answer by THE HACKER

Answer by Paula DeAnda
yes, my family and my society do.(religion: Hinduism) but I’m an atheist and I don’t believe in all that.