Can you be against vedic horoscopes and still be hindu?

I don’t know if i can believe all the horoscopes going to sages, reading horoscopes to know if someone can get married to another person because of their star sign. So can a Hindu go agaisnt the Vedic horoscopes?

Answer by Mr Awesome
all i can think about when i read this is how humans are notoriously stupid.

Answer by Doubting Like Thomas
Any rational person can go against any horoscopes.

Answer by ssrvj
Hindus CAN go against Vedhic horescopes,if they have strong “Faith” in God.Still they are Hindus ONLY.

Sages themselves have said that.

“Naal En seyum–Kol En seyum–Kumaresan Thaalum,Chilambum Sadhngaiyum En munnay Thondridinay”==what –stars–Planets-Zodaics–eliptics–horescopes–can do if sri Kumara Swamy’s feet–anklets is seen by me,when I close my eyes. ? (Ref:-Thevaaram)


Are there any success stories about living life by horoscopes?

I’m just curious to know if there is anyone who has or knows of someone somewhere who lives strictly by horoscopes. I also want to know, how accurate are they.

Answer by Jen
My friends mom is STRICTLY living by the zodiac. So much so that shes only ever had one bf and they are married and living in their perfect house and have 3 kids and a new puppy. Their picture perfect.
(it’s kinda creepy) but they are very happy.
The zodiac is very accurate but you have to also be able to read between the lines for certain things. Different things affect people differently so what one Aries likes another may not.

Hope this helped

Answer by Gemini
I am a firm believer in astrology. If you are talking about day to day horoscopes. Those are only your Sun Signs. Finding your natal chart will help you know everything about your wants, your dislikes, what you like in a partner, what career will be best suited for you, your true self, your emotional and spirtual path.

Astrology will tell you everything you need to know in order to live life for the better. You have to know your moon sign, rising, venus, mars etc in order to know what you are like.

This helped me find myself when I was very confused why I was so different from everybody else. Now thank God, I have a natal chart to blame on. Lol.

Answer by ♒
It seems like Jen and Gemini have experienced it. I haven’t, but I can tell you that you can. Though I don’t think it’s much fun just living your life with just ups and no downs. I’ve read people that have good Feng Shui in their house and lives prosperously and some are even wealthy. Astrology is pretty accurate. If you want to live a life by astrology then you need to be very good in it.


Is there anyplace for horoscopes daily, weekly, monthly and year for the sign Ophiuchus?

Is there anyplace for horoscopes daily, weekly, monthly and year for the sign Ophiuchus? I feel soooooooo lost.

Answer by ethersflame
No, because there is no such sign. Whoever told you that that was your sign was making it up, sorry.

Answer by Summer Gray
Ummm….didn’t they like vote that sign off of the island, meaning they said that the whole new zodiac thing was a mistake?

Answer by Mr. ♏
There is such a sign as Ophiuchus, we just don’t use it. Find it on Wikipedia. It doesn’t have element, or description.