can horoscopes tell which zodic sign is the best match for you?

Like an example it says that Scorpio and Taurus are a good match and that marriage is possible if both can make it last.
Then on some of them it says that Scorpio and saggitaurus are only a one night fair and that marriage is not possible at all. Could those be right cause pretty much on all the horoscope sites I’ve gone on say simiLAR to what,I’ve read on Scorpio and Taurus,and on Scorpio and saggitaurus. Like is it most likely for them to be true or are they fake?

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there people who are married for 30 years with signs that are not compatible according to astrology so i don’t believe every word astrologist say

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It’s always best not to exclude a potential sweetheart simply because you’ve had a
bad experience with someone of his/her same sun sign in the past. It’s much better to
run a compatibility chart and give each individual their fair shot at making you happy.

In order to answer this question correctly, you need to compare the time, place, and date of birth of you and the other person.
It important to compare the degrees between the signs and planets of each chart also. Sun signs are notoriously unreliable for compatibility analysis,
so you really do need to look at the aspects to tell.

If you want to create a Western compatibility chart, you can go to http://www.astro-software.com/cgi-bin/astro/comp2f and put in both birth dates. It will give you a
compatibility analysis which is much more accurate and exact than anything sun sign based.

In general:
Soul mate connections are seen in the aspects between the moon, South Node and soft aspects to Saturn.
Sexual attraction is generally seen in aspects of Venus and Mars.
Intellectual attraction is generally seen in aspects between Mercury and Sun.
Emotional attraction is generally seen in aspects between Moon and Mars.


What are all the gods and/or goddess’ for all the horoscopes?

I have been wondering this for a long time. All I know is the goddess for Taurus is Aphrodite. Plus all my friends want to know their gods/goddess’.

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libra is aphrodite! actually..


it actually goes byt he ruling planet no the sign

Apollo, God of light and the Sun, music and healing, Greek name Appolo

Diana, Goddess of the Moon and the hunt, Greek name Artemis

Mercury, Messenger of the gods, Greek name Hermes

Venus, Goddess of love and beauty, Greek name Aphrodite

Mars, God of war, Greek name Ares

Jupiter, King of the Gods, Greek name Zeus

Saturn, Lord of Time, Greek name Cronus

Uranus, Father Sky, Greek name Ouranos

Neptune, God of the oceans, Greek name Poseidon

Pluto, God of the underworld and the dead, Greek name Hades

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Aries- Ares, God of war
Taurus- Hephaestus, God of blacksmithing (sometimes switched with Libra, but this makes more sense to me because he likes to build and make things)
Gemini- Hermes, the messenger God
Cancer- Artemis, Goddess of the Moon
Leo- Apollo, God of the Sun
Virgo- Demeter, Goddess of the harvest
Libra- Aphrodite, Goddess of love (again, interchangeable with Taurus)
Scorpio- Hades, God of the underworld
Sagittarius- Athena, Goddess of wisdom
Capricorn- Hera, Goddess of marriage
Aquarius- Zeus, God of the sky
Pisces- Poseidon, God of the sea

Edit: Hephaestus is sometimes replaced by Hestia, the goddess of the hearth, and this is just in terms of the twelve gods of olympia which is why the planets do not completely determine the Gods that represent each sign


What’s the name of the fortune teller who does the horoscopes on the Spanish Channel?

You know, the one with all the crazy outfits and make-up.

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Walter Mercado

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what Roxy said.

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Idk but man, he is accurate. [;