Can horoscopes really help predict whats going to happen tomorrow?

I always look at my horoscope, but I’m starting to feel stupid checking it when its not even really going to happen. So I want to know.

Answer by Crash my car through your window
Umm I think its psychological. If you believe it’s going to happen, its only going to increase the chance of it occurring because you are aware of it.

Answer by Ryouji
Ok, first of all, i just gotta ask ya power: if you don’t think they’re gonna come true, why do you bother checking them to see if bad things will happen to those you hate? And secondly, yes they do in fact come true. But usually horoscopes are kinda broad and a general outlook on things to come. I do believe that people can see the future, but i think you needa be careful what you believe in terms of horoscopes. Like some psychics, they tell you what you wana hear so if it comes true you’re ecstatic, and if it doesn’t then you’re bummed like no other. Lol it is a bit psychological, but sometimes, it’s a bit more.

Answer by Helios
It’s complete nonsense. It was invented originally by desperate people who needed some sort of “answer” from “oh high”. Well, they made up an answer – and it’s just as stupid today as it was back then. Except now the sky has shifted, so all the horoscopes are not even based on the night sky anymore.

It is all crap for stupid people.


what about horoscopes specifically for cusp?

i’m a cancer/leo cusp, and i read both. i can not find or know if there are horoscopes for people who are cusps.

Answer by CaptainLeaf
That’s because you can’t be a cusp. You’re either one or the other, and if you know the exact time you were born you can find out at astro.com.

Answer by Miss 6
You cannot be both signs, you can only have ONE sun sign. I agree with the first post 100% no such thing as cusps. If you want to read two horoscopes then get your chart done read for your sun sign and your ascendant.

Answer by Happy Cappy
There usually are not horoscopes for people who were specifically born on a cusp. I am very into astrology, but believe that the average horoscope you read in the paper is a bunch of crap. Your horoscope is personal, based on where the planets were at your time of birth. Some basic predictions can be made from your monthly forecast from a reliable astrologer, but a lot has to do with your own personal horoscope and how the planets progress through your chart month by month.